The soon to be released feature film Find Her Keep Her stars Ashley Walters, comedian Kojo and model turned actress Rachel Ritfeld.

Film synopsis:

They are the wealthiest players in town. They live the fast life,drive fast cars,live in plush apartments in the posh areas of London. Life can’t be better, money, fame the girls, but one thing they aim for is finding her and keeping her.

Jide, a property developer lives with his fiancée of 4 years, Abi. He’s a workaholic who hardly spends time with Abi. He loves her to death and wants to marry her, but oblivious to him, she has a dark secret.

Fred,an entrepreneur lives the lifestyle of a young millionaire. He cruises in  the latest cars in town. Owns a few bars from west London to north London. Hes a big spender who loves to floss. But inside this larger than life character is a baby, crying to be loved and cared for. Fred cannot commit to a woman for fear of being heart broken and used. He feels every woman he meets is after his money. But he meets Michelle. Can he keep her?

Chike, a systems analyst works in one of  london’s top prestigious software companies. He works hard and plays hard equally. He has ambitions of owning his own software company. He’s a self proclaimed player who has little or no respect for women. He lives a comfortable life,loves flashy fast cars and WOMEN. He has a 6yr old son from a previous relationship. But what happens when he meets Simone, an independent, sophisticated woman.  Source

I can see this film cleaning up at the 2010 Oscars.

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  1. Which Oscars? Whatever.

    The title is abit lame. And i would rather have the story line that leads to their success rather than the aftermath problems, and their biggest problem is finding a woman to keep?
    Maybe that summary is not doing the whole movie justice but it feels like that’s all there’s to it and that is it. What more exciting story is there to tell?

    And the man who was calling the girl a hoe and whatever, was so in her face kind of woman style. Lol

  2. as soon as i scrolled down and saw the “urban” quality of the video frame…i KNEW you had to be joking! lmao

    i didn’t even have to press play, I already know it blows.

  3. What IS going on up there in that trailer?! im now multi-tasking by shaking my headd and lolling at the same time. puhlease.

  4. Jan, it lost me at “…comedian Kojo and model turned actress Rachel Ritfeld.”. I don’t know who they are, but the whole “model turned actress” thing just screams “No”. Last time I gave something like that a chance, I was begging the Lord for my 5 mins back.

  5. Janice my thing is, I know it’s hard to break into the film industry, especially in the UK, it is tough, but you have got to come better than this, if you even want to be considered as trying, seriously, I’m not sure who is behind this film, but they need to rethink somethings lol

    after reading your write up, brief it was, I was like wha, Ashley walters, Kojo, some model / turned actor (haha, but ok) let me see what this is saying,… very very poor.

    I’ve seen trailers for short films that are better than this.

  6. If this is the trailer, something that is supposed to encourage me to want to watch the movie I’m not convinced at all. I’m very disappointed by the Fake American Accent. The UK gets enough criticism for trying to “Act” American in Music so doing it in a movie is just silly. There is nothing wrong with the British accent, Americans love it so it’s time people here started embracing it too. This movie seems like any other African American movie tackling relationships with a man who says he no longer wants to be a player. Yawn, seen and heard it all before.

  7. it was ok acting wasnt great wont get an oscar or anythink kind of cliche doesnt bring anything new to the film industry but yeh……..ish

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