Aristocrat Thomas Cholmondeley

Via BBC News / The Metro

A court has sentenced a descendant of Kenya’s most famous white settlers to eight months in prison for the manslaughter of a black man on his vast estate.

Thomas Cholmondeley was convicted of manslaughter last week over the 2006 shooting of a 37-year-old black poacher Robert Njoya. Manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment in Kenya.

Correspondents say the case has touched on deep sensibilities in Kenya, where white people took vast swathes of the best agricultural land during British colonial rule until 1963, before the new Kenyan elite did exactly the same.

The case has inflamed old tensions over land, race and privilege in the east African nation. Continue Reading/View Video Footage…..

Cholmondeley was simply following the long standing tradition of punishing the “savages” severely when they dared to step out of line.

I wonder how many black folks his descendants chased down, wounded and killed during the good old days of British Colonial rule.

Ahhh fun times…..

Rest In Peace Robert Njoya.

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  1. This nonsense has been going on for ages and they have managed to get away with it somehow. Obviously the money factor. But i think one of these days it’s going to erupt and get really ugly but obviously we know who will intervene. It is only a matter of time, desperate people resort to desperate measures. And when it comes to land, people will do almost anything.

    Same thing that is happening in Uganda where the asians have managed to dorminate the economy while discriminating and looking down at the locals. It had started getting ugly, they were getting killed and robbed. And then our dear president wanted to sell part of a forest (the biggest forest in uganda) so that they could develope it, and this did not go down very well with the locals , they sharpened their weapons (seriously). It has been held off at the moment.The idea of them expanding the economy i guess was ok, depending on who is looking at it, but when you look closely at who they are employing, the pay they offer and how some of them treat the locals, the pharmacies many of them are full of fake drugs. I remember one time an asian made a girl to lick a carpet for a trivial issue…hm… And when such things happen, it’s like everyone is sitting on an active volcano and waiting. Hm

    Anyway, people are getting more aware nowadays, and in many cases in Africa, these diplomatic, lets talk tactics, do not work. Ah..


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