Another complete waste of a young life.

Via The Sunday Mirror

A 16-year-old boy who was shot in the head outside a pub may have been the victim of gang violence, police sources said.

The teenager was fatally shot outside The Robin Hood Pub in Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester, shortly before midnight.

The victim was named locally as Guiseppe Gregory from Ardwick, in inner city Manchester.

Police who were called to the scene were alerted to the fact that a boy with gunshot wounds had been driven to Trafford General Hospital. The boy died shortly after arriving at hospital.

Three men, aged 18, 20 and 22, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. They remain in police custody. Continue Reading….

Rest In Peace Guiseppe Gregory.

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  1. R.I.P. My Little Angel… I will never forget your beautiful face, all the memories, all the laughter…I still cant believe your gone. Everything I ever said in anger…any arguments…anything that made you feel like anything less than that I loved you like you were my own flesh and blood I take it back. I keep expecting you to walk into my house…walk into my room and rough up my stuff & not care. Lol. I love you forever. School wouldn’t have been the same without you…life wouldn’t have been the same without you. If only I had told you I loved you when I saw you Saturday night. But life is like that. People dont think. I dont think…I thought you would always be here. I love you forever. XXXX

    Good Night My angel!

  2. R.I.P

    There are many kids dying lately, even infants at the hands of their parents.

    There are not safe in their homes nor on the streets.

  3. R.I.P Guiseppe
    you were a good friend , never started a fight in skwl , miss seein u walk past mr hughes english class noddin away wit dat cheeky smile across ur face lad , gonna miss yuh bro , gonna miss your laugh , one of the best laughs i’ve ever heard (Y) , Every1’s gonna miss yuh , it still dnt feel real that you’ve gone , i still feel i’m gonna walk through ardwick n see you , Save me a place in heaven bro , hope your wings fit you

    R.I.P Guiseppe Gregory
    yuh were a star , out of all stars dat shine at night , i now like to think ur among them , shinin lookin down upon us

    I liked yur name
    was gonna name my son Guiseppe
    not gonna nomore , i cudn’t , seein ur name allover newspapers n allover the news makes me upset beyond belief ,i cnt afford to luk at my son n have to have sad thoughts in my head , but for yuh i will , jus so i can rememba a lovely young lad that had a bright future ahead of him , neva caused no1 any harm 😦
    its a shame yuh had to die

    *the good die young ,but ur death was highly uncalled for*

    Yuh were a star lad , so in the skies , keep shining
    Rest In Peace

  4. R.I.P.?People need to listen and understand what the young generation is going through. And not just hearimg but understanding, from the family to schools. Enough of this delusional fame promotion and laziness. Give thd kids more inspirational and educative programmes and take off all these fake, lazy tv personalities off the screens, who are promoting the laziness and drugs and drink in britain. Everyone and their mama wants to be famous for doing nothing whike kids are dying. Britain stand up. R.I.P

  5. R.I.P

    Many children have been dying and if only they could get half of the coverage some have been getting lately, hmm… They sure do need alot of positive inspiration, but where is it going to come from when you have programmes like big brother, as if watching someone go the toilet, sleeping, eating, swimming, talking etc.. and earning from it is any good. Seriously, watching someone living their own lives with no meaning or message behind the show is entertainment? I mean what was that show on Callum Best all about??? kmt
    There are real positive people out there who have genuinely worked hard with skills that can be passed on to children, or studied, and they do not have to be ‘famous’ to make an impact.

    Anyway, R.I.P

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