Style wins in spectacular fashion over substance again!

Admittedly I’ve liked a few of Ciara’s past releases, but her live performances always leave me shaking my head.

The woman can move but when it comes to vocal ability – PISS POOR!

And what was with that dance routine?

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  1. Pathetic…

    I love how these acts try to cover up their lack of talent by having background dancers, fake backup singers, a full band playing with a prerecorded track. Not to mention the space suits and vent sunglasses…the glove the microphone pendant…i mean do i have to go on??

    And then when she opens her mouth…i’d rather watch paint dry, if i’m being honest.

    MANY people are so delusional…so caught up in all the lights and explosions they fail to realize they are being cheated out of their money!!

    I’d like to see her perform this song in some jeans and a Tshirt with just a guitar player….I don’t respect anyone who needs all of that to perform. Artist? I think not. Con-artist is more like it.

    I mean, at LEAST Beyonce can ACTUALLY sing…she’s proven that.
    *I don’t know why I mentioned her, but she’s the only other annoying pop artist I could think of* at least Beyonce has got the goods!!

    I’ve said enough! I need a drink!! Just ain’t no one sayin ANYTHING these day…agh!! WELL, I’VE GOT PLENTY TO SAY!! *clearly*

  2. I totally agree with you Mishal!

    And for your info…

    Billboard first week sales.

    Chrisette Michele has the number one album in the country selling almost 84k units. Ciara sold almost 81k to secure the #3 spot on the charts.

    Chrisette’s album to my knowledge wasn’t promoted or marketed much, but they spent loads on promoting Ciara’s ‘Fantasy Ride’…

  3. Good for Chrisette. Haven’t heard the album but I’ve heard a few tracks and she seems like the real deal. Feel sorry for the likes of Ciara (Lawd only knows why). She seems to be struggling with finding an identity of her own, and that whole Justin love/sex/magic nonsense just shows how desperate she is to gain exposure, and how insecure she is about her actual ‘talent’.

  4. Oh dear, when the talent lacks abit, i guess they have to over compensate some where else. Especially with the over dancing and destructing outfits. Gone are the days when the competetion in the music industry was between totally talented people. Its sad that many unsigned talented people who are not ‘commercial’ are over shadowed and ignored with such ‘magicians'( i can c it now i dont). I know i am rooting 4 Jls, but thats different. Lol

  5. Put Tahwiah, Roxy, And Deborah and Ciara on stage separately, and Ciara will fade. To be honest, it is even terrible mentioning their names in the same breath as Ciara’s. Ah

  6. These days it is about looks and attitude. As long as one is deluded enough to delude the rest, that is all that’s needed. Gone are the days when we had MJ vs Prince. It’s even more annoying in America because they can pull it off. Their history of good music is going down. The only reason Some britons do not shine is because the market is flooded with fake american music, which everyone and their mama is caught up in.

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