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  1. The last stage before an empire’s fall is homosexuality being accepted and proselytized as normal. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medeo/Persia, Greece, Rome all suffered the same fate when homosexuals were allowed to parade themselves and strut about freely, and now the end is here for the British Empire which controls all western countries, the biggest being America.

  2. Call me old fashioned and un-PC like then, because I agree with her…it’s between a man and a woman.

  3. Having freedom does not mean you are free. We are still enslaved by society and its culture. She could have said the same thing in a different way and got away with it like Parkinson did. Lol America shame on you.

  4. While I don’t personally have a problem w/homosexuality in and of itself (the world needs more love wherever it can get it! But that’s a totally different thread…), I agree 1000% that marriage is supposed to be between a woman and a man, no exceptions.

    If the LGBT community wants to get married to each other, fine, but let’s not ruin the ancient and sacred institution of marriage w/this nonsense. Give the LGBT community all the same rights and privileges as married couples, fine, but DON’T call it marriage. It’s not the same!

    And I’m not gay. I just dress like I am. LOL

  5. LOL @ Sundance!

    I agree if the powers that be would just recognize that all relationships have the same rights… shit would flow a lot easier!!

    Hell no one should be forced to be married LOL

    People have the right to do whom and what they want…

  6. she should have known, that is the wrong place for that sort of honestly, well I guess she never sold out, Kudos!

  7. LOL@ sundance,?America shame on you indeed. She was being honest. The british would have appreciated her honesty more than the discriminative point of view perez put on it. She can hold her head high for being honest.

  8. The look on Perez’s face when she hit him with some stone cold honesty – priceless! He couldn’t and still can’t handle it.He is rattled.

    Then he resorted to asking ever celeb via Twitter if ‘they believed in gay marriage’and was happy because they told him what he wanted to hear.

  9. Perez hilton can suck Verbz dick.She was being honest,and not being cliched.What better way could she have answered the question?

  10. wow there is some ignorant comments up above here

    once again, a load of you peeps are displaying some kind of superiority complex which to me is only being done to make yourselves feel better

    i think for a long while there has been problems with marriage full-stop, lets not complicate things with the gay marriage debate

    i’d love for someone here to tell me, quite honestly, that they can count on both hands married couples they know that are married/are getting married for the right reason?? pretty sure there is noone here that can tell me yes with a straight face

    so please please please, address the problems with ‘traditional’ marriage in this day and age, rather than getting distracted with the same sex marriage debate

    peace out

  11. @mikeymike, why should a 20 something year old unmarried girl be punished for what she believes in. Even if the gay community has got its rights to marry, it doesn’t mean that every one believes in it. It was low of the organisers to deny her a crown because of her belief. May be she should have lied for winnings’ sakes, which many contestants seem to do.

  12. Up until now, I’ve been on Carrie Prejean’s side on her answer to Perez Hilton’s gay marriage query at the Miss USA pageant. While I disagree with her, she didn’t choose the question, and has a right to her opinion. As she points out, her answer didn’t differ much from the President’s. In fact, her vision of an America where people can choose same sex marriage or “opposite marriage” is far more generous than the reality.

    Furthermore, Perez Hilton acted like a real a**hole about it, calling Prejean a number of misogynist slurs, and damaging the cause of gay rights in the process.

    Unfortunately, Prejean has gone from being an individual with her own opinion, to an advocate for taking away the rights of others.
    Let me start by saying that Carrie Prejean has the right to say what she wants. This is a free country, and no-one should try to silence her. By the same token, I have the right to point out that she has now traded in her status as the unjustly attacked, for that of the unjust attacker.

    It is an obvious irony that while she claims to “protect marriage,” her actions aim to literally destroy thousands of marriages, marriages between real people. It is one thing to have a religious or philosophical belief, no matter how cruel and hateful. It is quite another to wield that belief as a bludgeon to the head of another’s lawful rights.

    The real villainy of people like Prejean and her Opposite Marriage Defense Force isn’t in their opposition to gay marriage, though. Gay marriage is coming, there’s no way around that. Americans rise to the cause of freedom every time, even if it takes them longer than it should.

    No, the real problem is their validation of the idea that gay people are less than human, are due less rights than the rest of us. While these people may or may not feel hatred in their hearts, or just not be aware of it, they give comfort to those who do.

    Human rights are inherent. They cannot be granted, only recognized. They cannot be taken away, only violated. What a shame that someone so beautiful has chosen such an ugly path.

    Tommy on: Daily Dose:

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