I am finally going on holiday (my last trip away was in 2006) and will be flying out to Jamaica on April 20th.


Pray for me folks I HATE flying but I look forward to seeing the fam and a change of scenery and climate.


England you are seriously dragging me down! We need a break away from each other for a while. (lol)


Unfortunately I don’t own a lap top yet and I can’t update the site using my Blackberry (BOO!)


However my Blackberry is Twitter friendly so look out for updates and rants over at www.twitter.com/madnewsblog


T-mobile with their extortionate overseas usage costs have assured me that my BB will work out there. It better!


Normal blogging will resume on May 13th but expect the odd update if I get near a computer with Internet connection whilst out on my travels.

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  1. How long is the flight? Bring us back some sun, clearly summer has not started here:-(B-):-*

  2. ohw 😦 I can’t do daily Mediatakeout, and Sandra Rose…….*look of horror as reality sets in* oh my god, i cant breathe…….inhaler! inhaler!

  3. LoL

    Seriously, enjoy the Sun, Sand, Sea, and _ _ _ . There MUST be a Jim Jones lookalike in yard.

  4. I don’t not sign up for this, holidays lol… what?… nah I’m playing having a great holiday, trips to Jamaica always remind of over wieght luggage, lol, breadfruit for someone, ackee for aunty, mango’s for uncle, sweets for the kids, and on and on and on… lawd! lol… I Miss J.A.

    update us from time to time Janice, be safe and stay blessed!

  5. Bring on the cold! Don’t worry Janice, the hours will pass by, then you can enjoy your holiday.
    @ Fr, that sounds more like a trip to Naij.

  6. Janice do we need a start-up fund for you to purchase a laptop? Go to a Jamaican library to blog.lol
    I guess its to good I don’t have to hear from hunch back of notre damn(Verbz) for a minute. Have fun,get rested, get that gangja and jah bless

  7. I wish I was right there with you!! Just have plenty of cocktails and you will be just fine!!!

    Twitter us… I am sure you will see lots of crazy things!!!

    Save trip!! Take lots of photos!!!

  8. I hope u have a wonderful time and come back safely so we can keep gettin a daily dose of your blog ..Have fun !

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