Check out the debut single ‘Burnin Up’ and video from UK artist Orie.

Your thoughts please…

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  1. I quite like it 🙂

    I can see the idea, and it fits the sound of the track, but I don’t like his voice. I still cant figure out whether he sounds deliberately off-key or just off-key.

  2. This is probably one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen for a long time. Is he signed? Hats off if he isn’t. Who’s the girl???

  3. i think this song sounds like he cant sing!!!
    is he slighty out of key i dont wanna commit to saying he is but it sounds like he cant hold his notes very well
    the song is fel goood tho for sure
    !!! welcome to the new era where people make video’s first!!..

  4. Can you post the video of the unemployed lady for britains got talent? why did i cry?

  5. OMG he sounds like a cat in heat!! Come on UK!!! Lawd a mercy!!!

    Could not listen to it anymore….

    I love yall’s accent but I can’t co-sign in this one!!!


  6. Sa-ra he aint.

    When did young black people stop being pioneering?

    Let me jump on the preppy/pimp bandwagon and sing high falsetto like Prince does cos now its cool…

    It sounds like it is trying to be these things and feel it has been done cynically. If that doesn’t work, he can wardrobe change for a Dashiki and be conscious or get a contrived,tailored mohican ‘fro , an edgy wristband dnd go rock.

    On a light note (lol) nice to see a girl in vid that didn’t feel the need to do the usual porn star shenanigans..

    The Biq Q- who’s gonna pay 79p for this 128 kpps file ?

  7. I have to agree that his voice does sound well off. The effects they’ve put on his voice makes that more noticeable aswell. The vid is not too bad though, but vocal strength is definitely needed in this guy’s department as prolonged listening was starting to hurt my ears.

  8. @Verbs2009 thanks baby!!
    @tyisicloser thank you babes!!

    Are you all saying this guy can really sing??? I can’t see it as they say over here….

  9. Applauds for Orie trying to be fresh, but it doesn’t work.
    The girl looks gr8 but the video errrrm, not quite there.

    Nice beat but the vocals are irritating.

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