The morbid reality show continues!

We were forced in to watching her die and now this?

Jade Goody’s funeral is to be shown on television.

The final chapter in the late reality TV star’s life, Jade: With Love part 2, will be aired on LIVING tonight (Thursday April 9).

It will be narrated by Kate Jackson, producer of the show and friend and bridesmaid to Jade, who died on Mother’s Day following her battle with cervical cancer.

Kate said: “At first Jade said she didn’t want to get involved in the planning of her funeral, but then she had some strong ideas about what she wanted and what she didn’t want.”

She continued: “What she did want was a huge day. She wanted tears, she wanted everyone to be able to come and grieve for her.” Continue Reading…..

Rest In Peace Jade Goody.

So, how many of you will be tuning in tonight then?

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  1. Well,some of us like to be morbid. I do tho think everyone should let her rest in peace…… she’s dead. She was a mother and she has left behind two beautiful sons, they shouldn’t have to read crap like this when they are older.. just let go.

  2. “She was a mother and she has left behind two beautiful sons, they shouldn’t have to read crap”

    Why would her sons be reading my blog???

    Why is it that whenever anyone offers an opinion about Jade that isn’t layered in sympathy for her, then people like you jump up and cpme back with “oh she left two son’s blah blah blah.

    Yes I know she was a mother that left behind two sons. The whole world knows this!

    What does that have to do with the endless news coverage leading up to her death/post death?

  3. It’s just another example of what can only be described as mournography. People got a taste for it with Diana and now need another fix.

    This is the most eloquent comment on the whole thing I’ve seen so far:

  4. Pple are still writing all sorts of things about princess Di. Isn’t that what jade wanted?

  5. Parkinson was right. The same press that made us hate Jade(those of us who disliked her behaviour), are the same who tried to turn us into liking her in order to gain wealth.

    It is very unfortunate that she died, like all of us will die and others have died, but to be expected to switch off from what some of us feel for her is unreal.

    Giving blow jobs and walking around naked, and mouthing off to someone else is something, i personally can never take out of my head. I guess she did not think of that before, and that she will one day have children. How in God’s name is that going to be protected from her children?

    Half of the things said on blogs are more decent than half of the things Jade herself did. To use cancer to gain fame and sympathy and a fortune( good on her) and not even donate 10 pounds to anyone else who suffers a similar fate is beyond me. It was always about what Jade wanted. No one can ever convince me that she felt for any other cancer sufferer.

    Would i want my children to idolise her? I do not think so unfortunately.

    She lived her life in the public eyes, and that is what you get for it.
    Her children have inherited the public interest as well.

    Is everyone going to stop and defend and shout at the press to honour her death and not follow the children? The same people complaining are the very people who will be lining up to buy magazines and news papers, trying to find out how her children are doing and then cursing them at the same time if they have done something not right.

    Spare us (the non sympathisers) your sympathy and pleas.

  6. i love her to bits and always will you are a beautiful white dove flying in the sky freedom xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. 23,
    Jade wanted her legacy to live on, like princess Diana who left behind two beautiful boys. What is written and said is out of everyone’s control. That is what you get for living constantly in the public eye. Get used to it now.

  8. Any one who goes on to big brother three times, needs their head examined. Her own mother was evicted nearly naked. I’m proud to be British.

  9. Jade was a greedy, media whore. She could never be stopped. She saved lives not because she wanted to, but because she had to. She had some fortune before she had cancer. It was greed provoked. How much did she offer hospices? The hidden Jade?

  10. That bitch is resting in peace while the rest of us are still being bombarded by her and her tragic death, the huge loss to society, the world!! OMG we are never going to come back from this, I am telling you the World won’t be right!!! Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh …

    The only bad thing about her death is a pair of young boys will not have the benefit of their mother raising them… and hell even they will be all right!!

    People die everyday and they don’t get this kind of stink… she is not Lady D who was a great person, loving mother and didn’t deserve to die how she died… fo realz … is she worth keeping a memory for??? Give me a fuckin’ break!! …. Ok I am getting off my soap box right now!

  11. …. ok I feel bettah now…. until we see yet another story about Jane Goody!!

    @Rowetta… everyone has given a blow job or two… I ain’t judging … and I can assure you, I do not buy celebrity rags… to follow them…. and why the hell am I worrying about her kids? They have someone caring for them … my concerns aren’t not for them just like they were not for her crazy ass.

    We shouldn’t have to keep hearing about her at every waking moment… there are more pressing issues that the World is experiencing!! Damn didn’t I just get off this damn soap box???????

  12. @Rowetta… everyone has given a blow job or two… LMAO!

    after all it is 2009!

    erm no homo lol

  13. @Fr hehehe…, @ divva, i think you echoed rowetta if that was for 23, apart from the job bit of course.

  14. Divva@,
    My comment was directed to the likes of 23 who constantly seek positive comments when jade herself was no angel. This is going to go on even through her children and no one will be stopping it. Why then are they complaining now about what others write on blogs? We will never hear the end of it as long as there is money to be made.

  15. I am sure they’ll get to know. I cannot wait for 30th december when they air a programme called, ’50 most annoying celebrities’. That’s britain entertainment for you.

  16. But her kids love her and she loved them. Hope the bullies spare them. The bullying culture here is cruell.

  17. YES…


    She will got a letter from the Queen, unlike any of you 🙂

    Rest in peace Jade, one of the nation’s most loved princesses.

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