A man who died of a heart attack during the G20 protest last week was pushed to the ground by a police officer, video footage has shown.

Ian Tomlinson, 47, collapsed from a heart attack during protests outside the Bank of England last Wednesday.

Newsagent Mr Tomlinson, who was not protesting, is seen receiving a two-handed push from a police officer.

A New York fund manager recorded the footage, saying he came forward with the video because Mr Tomlinson’s family “were not getting any answers”.

Watch the attack below.

The BBC website also reports that officers caught on film when Tomlinson was pushed have yet to come forward.

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Today a colleague of mine said that the police officer responsible would now pay for his actions.

I thought he was being a little naive, and said I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Metropolitan police have been getting away with murder (literally) for YEARS. They will close ranks and return with some well thought out spin.

Plus they have already attempted to cover up their dirt!

My colleague then replied, “This is Britain! I refuse to believe that the officer responsible will be allowed to go unpunished”.

I just shook my head, but sincerely hope he is right on this one.

My condolances go out to Ian Tomlinson’s family.

Rest In Peace Ian Tomlinson.

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  1. Once again the Police Complaints Authority,……….
    ( police investigating the police ), will be investigating this case and
    ‘mark my words’, they will get off scot free… they always do.

    There will be no justice for the family and poor Ian Tomlinson – RIP.
    ( Why would you hit someone with a baton from behind – f–kdupness )

    “My colleague then replied, “This is Britain! I refuse to believe that the officer responsible will be allowed to go unpunished”. – @ Janice

    Your colleague must be living in a wardrobe, underground somewhere.
    If he/she doesn’t know that 99.9% of police brutality cases AGAINST ALL NATIONALITIES go unconvicted then he/she needs to get educated.

    Very very passionate on this subject. It makes my blood boil 😦

  2. this is very sad indeed, if it takes one life for many to be saved, that I can understand, but it’s very unlikely that justice will be served, after all ‘this is england’.

  3. Justice will not be served, they already lied about what happened. Before you know it, they’ll begin a smear campaign against Tomlinson. Commence Jean Charles de Menendez 2.0.

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