British actor Aml Ameen has landed his first Hollywood role in the film Red Tails, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during World War II.


Produced by George Lucas (Star Wars), Directed by Anthony Hemingway (The Wire), the film stars David Oyelowo (Spooks, Last King of Scotland), Bryan Cranston (Malcom in the Middle), Ne-Yo, Method Man and Jazmine Sullivan.   


Aml will be travelling to Prague to begin shooting this month and says,


“To all my fellow dreamers in The City, and the UK, let this show you that it can be done. You’ve seen me from Kidulthood to The Bill move onto Fallout, then on to Silent Witness. This all started out with a dream, and a belief that I can do it. I’m not where I want to be yet, but this is progress. So when you see me in my small role in the Hollywood film, root for me, shout me out! Because I am you! And you can do it too”.


I know that Method Man can act, but Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan????


Anyway congratulations Aml!!!!  

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  1. Meth, Neyo and Jasmine are all suspect choices, the Jar Jar Binks jinx.

    Good luck, well done, props Aml.

  2. I hope this is the first of many for Aml

    …but is it just me or does that fact that Ne-Yo, Method Man and Jazmine Sullivan have also been cast some how undermines Aml’s achievement?

  3. Ahhh thats fantastic news! It could be a good thing that these other celebs are named though, it means the movie will reach out further to certain markets…more exposure for Aml Ameen too! Do we know what his role is gonna be?

  4. He is a good actor and more pleasant on the eye. Good luck to him.

    Ne-yo and his expensive suits had better watch out. LOL

  5. David Oyelowo thats the brother I wanna see, he’s a fantastic actor, anybody see ‘Shoot The messenger’ on bbc 1 a year or 2 back, awesome!!!!…

    as for Aml, congrats!… I hope he does well, there are others lined up to be init,
    Terence ‘I bring my gituar to the club and play it’ Howard,
    Cuba Gooding Jr,
    Tristan Wilds (this young dude is on point – the wire, 90210, ROC Boys)
    Andre ‘Bubbles’ Royo (from the wire)
    Michael B. Jordan (wallace from the wire)

    and theres more, check internet movie database

    this is a very exciting cast, hope the film is good, My cousin actually went to audition for a part in this over here, and said that the type of people auditing, lol… no film experience, no navy experience, not even ATC training (Air cadet stuff) shameful black folk trying to jimmy screech their way in,… ahahaha

    he never got in either, but big up Aml still, I ain’t hating! lol

    oh and while I’m on the note did you all see ‘Fallout’ by Roy Williams it was on channel four about a year back, that was good, Aml was in that and another young acting talent ‘Charles Mnene’ hope he gets a chance to break through as well, he’s a great young british proepect!


  6. oh and P, sounds like you need a new man, to get ya mind of the old man!… lol


  7. Oh man, I forgot, I like Ne-yo in films, have u seen stomp the yard!,… he’s ok!

  8. what was it then Diva… I agree didn’t make it great, but he played his part,

    I watched that film so much, and I don’t know why I love it so much, I think it’s the great tale of the underdog, who goes on achieve some extent lol, and he totally humbles the prideful and gets the girl…. Yaaayy! .

  9. @fr… the geek! You nailed it! Great story, great actors, amazing dancing!!!!!!! I frst watched in the theater and I have it on DVD love that movie!!!

  10. @ Diva does the dvd have extra features??

    @ P… Indeed, (*switching mobile phone off so wifey can’t phone me*) lets go! lol

  11. @ Fr…the geek

    Yes it does, behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, etc… the dancers are amazing… I cringe watching them doing all those moves… thinking damn it looks like it hurts ….. lol

  12. ok I’m coping it, !…

    I know what u mean about the moves, but it gets me amped watching how they bust them moves, damn! lol

  13. Congrats to Aml! He’s such a sweet and amiable young man, who is confident enough to shoot for the stars, whilst rocking out with a beautiful black sista on his arm. For a black Brit thats BIG! So he gets my vote all day long, and I wish him nothing but unadulterated success at every turn. x

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