Here’s US President Barack Obama as Barack the Barbarian in a new comic book. Chicago-based Devil’s Due Publishing will publish ‘Barack the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli’ in June. It features the Democrat leader as the muscle-bound, loincloth-wearing president of ‘Kickassistan’. In the cartoon, he takes on his Nemesis, former Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who sports a cape made from wolf skin and her trademark glasses – and very little else. Obama will also feature in another Devil’s Due book, ‘Drafted: One Hundred Days’. It tells the story of a leader whose future is stunted “when a race from beyond the stars drafted our planet into intergalactic war”.


I don’t know whether to laugh or spit venom.

This is ridiculous and so unnecessary!


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  1. The artwork is terrible; there were obviously two separate poses and it’s hard to tell whether ‘O’ the Barbarian is kneeling on the rocks or leaping
    into the air while scratching his back with the battleaxe. Neither one of them are looking at each other and the woman in the thing is only there to excite the teenage boys. I can’t understand why her arms are covered with more material than the entire rest of her body. If covers of comics feature the best artwork then the inside must really be lame.

  2. I dunno, maybe I’m in the minority here (no pun intended!) when I say this doesn’t bother me at all.

    It’s CLEARLY done in a satirical/humorous fashion and as such, is not meant to be taken seriously. I found nothing racist or offensive about it at all, actually.

    As for the quality of the artwork, there is a bit of work that needs to be done! LOL

  3. KMT…

    By the time he gets that axe out of his back, the sword will be in his heart already.

  4. This reminds me of the nasty things some people have been saying. Chaos is what we will get for putting a slave in power. Further illustrated by pointing out south africa and southern rhodesia. It’s just a comic i hope. But the stereo types still exist among some.

  5. I’m sure it being Chicago-based, and a seemingly more liberal company, that the writers probably voted for Obama.. so I’m sure that no offenses are meant.

  6. Offence or not, why is it a given to jump on anything or anyone popular in black culture no matter how far away from entertainment they are and revert it to pop culture as if that very culture that stereotyped us is black culture?

    Yaay a western president is black- Let’s make a rap aboout it, let’s make some t-shirts, let’s see him dance:can he?, is he athletically fit?,will he fist or handshake other!

    On a bad day people need not complain about not being taken seriously. As long as they take the rough with the smooth and I don’t have to hear complaints about other pop cultrue money making takes on the Pres,I see ho harm either.

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