Poor old Brukkers Dash. He still hasn’t gotten over the Roc-A-Fella split.

And look at former Roc-A-Fella part owner Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke [mark: 2.49].  When they were riding high on a crest of a wave he refused to speak/grant interviews.  But since being shoved in to obscurity he has suddenly found his voice.

I had the misfortune of meeting Kareem once. WHAT a dick head! The man behaved and walked around as if his s**t didn’t stink!

Anyway,  Dash is the ‘brains’ behind this documentary. But from what I hear it isn’t really about Jim Jones and more a vehicle for Dash, who is DESPERATE to get back in to music and film.

In this preview he talks about the Roc-A-Fella era, Jay-Z, Camron and Dipset/Diplomat Records. Stuff we’ve heard all before!

I have to say that I loved the Roc-A-Fella era, I liked Beanie Sigel, Camron, Freeway etc – I loved the music the attitude, and the image. 

But  this idea that Dipset/Diplomat Records had such a huge impact on Hip Hop has been grossly over-exaggerated throughout the years. I’m not saying they weren’t good as a group, but Dipset was no NWA, Public Enemy or 2 Live Crew and Diplomat Records was no Deathrow Records or Bad Boy.  

The reality is that they were popular for a brief moment in time in the early 2000s (particularly in New York).

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  1. It’s funny how they claim to hate Jay so much, but in everything they do, it’s obvious that they are trying to eat off this man’s name. Let a Dipset/Skull gang project drop without a mention of Jay, and it’s gonna be woodinum.

  2. Well Dame u made your bed hard now you’re lyin in it ..Shouldn’t been a jerk 2 every1 when you where with Jay ..pathetic

  3. The Skull Gang project will flop. Give it a year and members will leave when they see nothings happening.
    Def Jam wants Juelz to deliver a new album for them and he is just wasting time on projects like this.

    Also a new Dipset project.. Purleesse. Camron should just focus on his solo career. Dipset had their time for a brief period in the early 2000s.

  4. Being humble is a trait we must all have-and dame dummy is a perfect example.
    I wonder back in the day, dame was a hip-hop elite, popping bottles with the finest women and an extragavant life one could imagine.cekebrities like noami campbell, liberace, when went overseas now, he’s stuck with slim jim “fail” jones.
    Jim jones is not even loyal….
    The point is kids, being humble doesn’t come easy, coming from a man who doesn’t wear the same t-shirt twice.
    Ii sugggesdt a ggarage sale.

  5. I disagree. It is inevitable to talk about rocafella and not mention jay-z.the same if defjam’s history does not mention LL. I do believe Dame was being generous, and looking out for his friends and family, and in return got back nothing!
    Armandale was a huge suces for its short life, than again rappers and liquor collabo’s never last! I feel people are being to harsh on dame, and fail to see he made jay-z, he. Was on the grind for jay and his other artists. There are rarely any independent lables owned by artists that have more than one star. The prob with dame is he failed to globalize on his capital and kept it strictly to harllem. All these niggas can do is wai
    I appreciate dame showing his arrogance, than hiding it. Diddy is arrogant, and manipulative! I rather pick dame anyway, . I feel dame well come back, and have ther last laugh. I admire anybody that doesn’t selll out (jay-z) leeave the man alone. Through tiring times is when people are more dtermined and have the last laugh. . Call him what u want, but don’t deny his hustle. A hustler a true hustler never. Nevr falls back .

    P.s. ( Janicce I use my blackberry to log to your site and when I coment, I can’t see my text!)
    I I

  6. @ pprez (both of them) Willl the real pprez please stand up….

    I can’t stand any of them from that camp! Lame Dash, Dirty Ass Jim Jones or Dipset… I can’t even watch the clip… waste of time, saying same shit all the time. Stop your fucking whining and get back to grinding!! Nobody wants to hear your story!!! (Well at least I don’t)!!

    Ahaah haaaa

  7. Yes. I am the real pprez. So was the other one. He is a good man,just not his attiude and his son boogie can GET IT.

  8. @Pprez “he’s a good man, just not his attitude”


    Love a nig, whatever they do eh

  9. This is not about loving a nigga on whatever they decide to do. I call it how it see it. That is like saying nice people never do anything wrong. Let’s not contradict ourselve and not just speak on dame but people as awhole. I rather you be real with me than put on a show for the cameras.

  10. I don’t know about yo but p prez does not deal with fake ass niggas who act ally prissy but are snakes. Never will, and not starting today.

  11. If you were in Dame’s team then he worked hard for you, was good to you etc. But if you didn’t belong to his team then he treated individuals like they were something at the bottom of his shoe, and humiliated them, sometimes for no reason.

    That’s what helped bring on his downfall. After he and Jay split people no longer had to deal with his foolishness, and now treat him like something on the bottom of their shoes.

    Perhaps he wil come back. If he does then I hope he’s learnt from this experience and keeps it humble.

  12. No way, am I denying the way dame treated people from the outside of his camp. That alone is a being factor of his downfall because no one from the outside will not affiliate with him. What I simply said, and yes I have met dame before, depending on the nice some celebs are nice on certain days dependent on their interactions with whom consumer. I do believe dame, was looking out for the better of his peoples and not himself like jay-z did. I admire his mentality he made lemons out of lemonade . Apart from that I strive for loyalty and dame has proven his loyalt. How peeps from rocafella are still with jay? If so how many of them does jay take the time out to launch their future, and keep them fed. He has an attiude problem we all but does that make a nice person? Diddy is nice, is he a good person?

  13. Ugh I completely effed up. But you get the jist of it! I’m not defending dame, it is just unfair to prosecute someone because of their attiude and label them a bad person. I got an attiude like no other. I can’t change that what makes me authentic. But I will put my heart on the line to help whomever at any given day!

  14. PPrez- I RESPECT your threads on this but sadly, I all I can hear is defence. I haven’t met any of the people we see on Mad News where Hip Slop is concerned. All I will ever remember and bare in mind a true hater like myself holds grudges…was Dame Dash on my TV screens promoing himself on UK TV and radio with an extremely ostentationus, vulgar attitude that forced me on many occassions to explain ONCE AGAIN to my white counterparts that not all black men aspire to this tomfoolery. Furthermore, even before it was announced by our countries that we were in an economic crisis, I could have told you that the last 4 years on the shop floor things were not too great financially speaking with more exposes of factory slaves in India and elsewhere making our garments for pittance whilst we paid extortionate amounts for the brand attachment …so for Dame to be boasting about wearing clothing only once-did not really make me warm to the brotha. He seemed dated in his apsirations and embarrassing. Lest I forget he’s supposed to be a ‘media mogul’, so has no excuses. He can’t complain his persona was exploited. All dot day long he’s talked about his genius for media creativity. I always do good to remember these things because its much harder to be a nice person when things are good in your life…so on top of all my considerable hating..he’s now just another loudmouth cliche who run his course. The dude has nothing to teach me and would be an excellent case study for gullible youngsters who love the fast track hustle.

    So, I LOVE to see karma and I believe that if your ‘attitude’ is stink, then stuff the semantics: You are stink.


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