90s singing group/siblings Cleopatra have returned to the music scene and in February performed their new single ‘Get In Fit In’ live on stage, in what looks like an nightclub (probably based way out in Essex).

The group appeared on UK Living’s ‘Pop Goes The Band’ and each recieved a make over/plastic surgery.

So can somebody please tell me why they look like this?

Who is their stylist???????

The hair, the outfits…. I mean WTF????


[Thank Nessa]

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. the song isn’t so good. really average. i sound like a reality show judge but it’s “not current”. they’re trying to hard to rebel and waaaaay “too late” aswell. too extreme.

  2. I cannot & will not be assed to press play. I might consider….if they resurrect Fossil Fuel & Pushing Daisies.

  3. wOw…

    i guess i don’t have much to worry about when i get over there…

    it MUST be something in the water…WE HAVE A WORLDWIDE WATER PROBLEM!!!

    I put lemon in mine…that’s probably why I show no signs…

    TY, you MUST be using lemon as well, eh??

  4. ahh yes…the ginger is usually in my tea..i guess i have to step it up!! lol

  5. …………………………………………………………………………………………

  6. As I said before: Some groups should not make a comeback and certainly not looking like this!

  7. look here you haters yeah so they dont look as good as
    you would expect them to but why should they look like every one else
    the black beauty and there talents are endless
    british music is forever changing
    just because they do show all over the uk doesnt mean its a come back
    but these girls are wanted they need to take the msic world back
    weather or not its down to there clothing ideas they will still come on top the girls are darering and they pull off what ever they where.

    you are all gonna love to hate them or hate to love them its your choice
    im sure your not dressed by a maid and every one make fashion mistake but i’ve seen these girls and spoken with them when they’ve done show and there so down to earth.
    so stop bitching there just like us unlike some british artist give credit where its due
    they could of been on drugs or dead cus of the fame they had when they were younger but there not the are comin atcha weather you like it or not!!!!!!

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