I know her last album struggled to do as well as she hoped, but I never actually saw this coming….

Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland has reportedly been dropped by her record label, just months after firing her manager, father of her former bandmate, Beyonce Knowles.

Though her first two solo albums sold more than four million copies, bosses at Columbia records dumped the singer because she was “no longer commercially viable”, British tabloid News of The World reported.  Continue Reading….

“No longer commercially viable” – translation Kelly isn’t Beyonce.

 Things might seem bleek at the moment but I believe that this is the start of a new chapter for Kelly and a blessing in disguise. 

She spends most of her time in Europe now and under new management I believe that she will finally be able to thrive as an individual.

I wish her the best of luck. 

I would love to know what Kelly and Michelle really think of Beyonce and Matthew Knowles. I am sure that there is an uneasiness there.

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  1. “No longer commercially viable” – translation Kelly isn’t Beyonce.

    exactly my thoughts,…

    she will be much better off, I remember mary carey being dropped from her label a short while ago, and she came back well, on def jam I think…

    sure we’ll be seeing her back to her best probably doingnher thing from over here. I wonder why? lol

  2. Lady, I am waiting for that kiss and tell book from Kelly and Michelle that will no doubt be serialised in The Sun to come out.

  3. I think she’s better off now!! I’m sure she’ll go and hit us with something that SHE likes…something different, under an indie label! This IS just the beginning for her…

    I’ve always liked her spirit…she’ll be fine. Now she doesn’t have to worry about being thrown under the radar…DO YOUR OWN THNG KELLY!! I got yo’ back!!


  4. Yes, she needs to detox and come back with a new image and sound. At one time i used to think her voice was beginning to sound like Beyonce in Destiny’s child, then she went solo and she sounded different. Or was it just me?

    “That will never happen. I think there is too much loyalty there.”

    You might be right there. Not forgetting the lyrics in “survivor” which she sung after the original destiny’s group broke up. How i hated that song after that and realising it was a shot at the former members. LOL

    She will do well hopefully.

  5. I think Kelly will be fine. I agree with Mishal, she just needs to create her own identity away from the whole DC3/Papa Knowles machine, and she’ll emerge stronger and more confident as an artist.

  6. Beyonce is too much like her father. I read her out years ago, but trust me the dirt will come out. Do you agree she did not blow up until she got with Jay-z. End of discussion!!!

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