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Jade Goody could be immortalised by a statue in Bermondsey, it has emerged.

A number of fans have written to council heads and urged them to commemorate the reality TV star, who  last week, The Mirror reports.

Community council chair Bob Skelly said: “The council has plans for the Dickens Estate area where Jade grew up, and I’m sure we could do something.”

Publicist Max Clifford said: “It’s wonderful news.”

It is thought that a statue or blue plaque could be installed to recognise the effort Goody made to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Apparently they are also in the process of casting for her biopic.

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  1. …………………
    is this woman the jesus of the uk? seriously!

  2. those dots! LMAO

    @lati, exactly. the south london kids will mash it up, otherwise. frankly im ready to join them. tiiired of this chick!

  3. LOL @LadyinBrown. Now you had to say that out loud. Whatever happened to just thinking it. LMAO

  4. ding a ling a ling a ling, dling a ling ,dling a ling, ding a ling a ling a ling jades a wanker

    (sing to the tune of merrily we role along)

    Also can i point out that non of the millions jade goody ernt through having cancer has been given to a cancer charity

  5. @lati: she’s bringing out my speak out LOUD side.

    @tyisclosetoaseriouscussing: i blame you completely for the dot plague that is infecting Mad News *points 2nd fingers of both hands* However, in this instance, i shall ‘low you. Grudgingly.

  6. “Also can i point out that non of the millions jade goody ernt through having cancer has been given to a cancer charity”. Ah people just assumed that she wanted to raise cancer awareness. All she wanted was fame and funds for her son and husband(tweed) and to revive her name from the race scandal.

    People have always matched into streets trying to raise cancer awareness, and telling their stories on tv/radio/news papers/magazines. And raising funds genuinely. But hey, i guess there were not famous enough to get people down for the smear tests. Oh well.

    I would love to see another cancer patient come out and do the same as Jade, i wonder if the government and public would react the same? But then again, who are they? I guess they are too smart.

  7. I was never a fan before like so many other people but alas i have to say i wish people would stop beating her up on all the money she raised. i think good on her! she was a mum that cared about her kids and the fact that she was just a kid herself who lost her life so young is terrible. im sure if most people could set their kids up for life they would. like thousands of other mums in the world who are laying in their beds dying of cancer like Jade right now to say goodbye to your kids is unimaginable. Im lucky i survived the dreaded C , but im grateful that she in her own way did make thousands of women go and get checked. And probably saved a few from the fate that was delt to her.

  8. reply to Lati & Fredawn comments

    Why should Jade give Her money any charity i hope you realise that most charities receive only 1p in the pound,the rest goes to admi,
    that means paying high ranking staff vast somes of money in wages
    and top of the range transport, all from donations,i do know what im talking about, before you you make a comments try engadgeing your brains before your mouths.
    are you not a bit young for the forum. making a comment in song
    and calling a young mother who lost her battle Cancer ,a wanker, i find very chidish
    mind must have been up all night thinking that jingle up. not bad retard.

    the girls got the right idea to look after her family first.
    Charity begins at home,

  9. Jade sold her soul to the public and by doing that, she made herself open to public criticism. Some will say things others will not like to hear. It’s good that some see what good she has done but do not expect every one to feel the same and then make them feel guilty about it. I have read some posts on other sites which are worse. There are those who are looking for articles that will make them have some sympathy for jade. I would only say to them that it is human nature to like or not to like.

  10. If you are going to go to every site defending her and bidding for people to see what good she did, best of luck. You took time out to write all these good things you saw, others will take time out to write otherwise.

  11. @BermondsayBoy, it is very interesting how you personally chose the word ‘retard’. We are all not clever at times because of CHOICES we make and then expect to be seen otherwise. That was a bit harsh for some one making a plea in jade’s favour. She made her bed, too bad she died.

  12. She was always a selfish bully who reminded me of all bullies i have never forgiven even to their death bed. She used cancer name to gain sympathy and money fame. Pathetic. I hope she taught her kids on how not to treat others.

  13. Im fed up with all this Jade goody stuff.
    Its everywhere. It must be horrible for her kids to go to Tescos or Asda and see pictures of her mum in her last few days of living splashed on newspapers.
    What happens when they type her name in google? they see pictures off her almost in tears with tubes everywhere.
    I say Everyone should leave it now, these two boys lost there mum on mothers day isnt that enough?

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