Barnes & Noble staff thought that it would be ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS to have this as their store front display in Coral, Gables Florida (at the Miracle Mile Mall). 


Source: Rasha Entertainment

You would think that in 2009 racists would have moved on from the old skool monkey jibes and found some new material by now.

I mean whatever happened to originality folks???

Soooooooooooooooo Pathetic!

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  1. Ok, 4 anyone really upset by this me inclusive try this, step 1, take a cold shower or pour a bucket of cold water over yo self(courtesy of verbs), if this fails, take a chill pill or 2 or the whole bottle if u must(courtesy of adaobi), if the pills fail and u r steal upset, do not play monopoly with real nv(serious warning) just walk away(courtesy of p prez), after that go and educate yo self do not bother with haters, and try 2 spread some luv(courtesy of reclaimin), now mishal m and jan do not roll eyes

  2. Oh, if u cant take it, walk out of the room(courtesy of fr the geek), if anyone is uterly disgusted by this idea(sloane), save yo utter disgust 4 the results(courtesy of jan).

  3. If u do a jack the idiot, remember 2 stay up the hill or be ready 2 defend yo views(courtesy of adaobi and verbs) and make sure u hav a leg 2 stand on(courtesy of fr the geek), do not be a hit and run(courtesy of ty).

  4. If all fails, turn 2 christ(courtesy of verbs), besides 2morow is sunday do not do a bobbin and weavin or fall asleep when the preacher starts (courtesy of divakutt and p prez), just try it. Am done now.

  5. back to the point…
    this is what we are going to have to put up with .. because obama being president is gonna bring a lot of real feelings ,, feelings that up to now were being kept in place by BEING ‘PC”
    this is the tip of the iceberg.. in my opinion!!!

  6. Ty, u remember jack ass’ comment and how we reacted, u made an interesting comment that i borrowed thats why i’ve used courtesy. No offense 2 any one.

  7. One last thing and am done, i am not going 2 fall in line(courtesy of ella and cj micheals) lol. Lighten up.

  8. ok…. i get it .. and apologise for jumping the gun!!!!!
    yes i remember the hit and run.. and yes i will do that !!! again and again!!!! if the reasons right!!!

  9. Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen. What do we expect from Edom? Their reign of terror has finished, their economy is going down the toilet, lets face it, it isn’t looking good for them so they have to pull some foolishness out of the bag to feel good. Rather like the captain drinking himself drunk while his ship(full of holes) is sinking, knowing that he can do nothing else but watch. I must agree with Ty and say that this is the beginning of a barrage of assaults to come, indeed the tip of the iceberg. Fear not though, their arrogance will be turned to weeping and sorrow soon enough, you won’t have to wait long to see that transition take place.

  10. I received the word from around the other side of the world, ( a Cousin stationed in the Middle East ). My response to him was to “Simply Consider The Source”, and above all, “Do Not Play The CARD GAME”, cause it simply ain’t worth it. We are at an evolutionary in our lives, and can do, what we should have done back in the 60s”.
    Yes, its a fact, “B&N” should take positive & direct action against those ignorant enough to even consider issues like this.
    But, look at it this way, We know there will always be a “Grassy Knoller”……. Especially when the possibility of progress across racial lines are prevailent.

  11. In these times, with the economy as it is, and people without jobs, levity to a certain extent is welcome.. But to be honest i find nothing about this situation humorous in anyway. Racism is alive and well in America today. So laugh its up and joke now, because later on tears will fall. People disgrace our Nation, and we stand idly by and laugh at it. Real Funny. Laugh it up..

  12. There’s been so many posts abt racism here that have not been funny at all, lots of rants and comments made, i doubt the laughing was abt the racism bit. Hmmm

  13. hmmm.. So in essence, if at the time of Bush’s election, I designed a store front with Pictures of Bush and also pics of his wife and him and his wife together and in the middle i put a box of Ritz, a hangman’s noose, and a picture of a person garbed in a White sheet burning a cross on someones lawn. Would that have been funny?

  14. Thats not funny at all, neither was prince harry, his dad, jack, thatcher’s daughter, the MET police vans,the topic above. Apparently here in britain We are expected 2 take it lightly, its getting worse by the day. Or it was worse b4.

  15. Now, with the excuse B and N, hav come up with, thats where i am placing my utter disgust comment above.

  16. Kinda reminds me of when Disney decided to embed a dildo in their poster cover for The Little Mermaid and then tried to say that it was some disgruntled employees that were responsible which had already left the company. Problem with Disney is that this isn’t the only hidden sexual reference to occur from their camp, take a look at more skull duggery:

    Click to access gp13.pdf


  17. And no one ever wants to talk about racism issues in britain, unless it comes out publicly. And then they make excuses for it. Idiocracy, this is not a joke here, it is the truth.

  18. And 4 any one who still doubts, a child now is a target of bullying from teachers and students 4 challenging a teacher who claimed scotland was independent. I guess now we r supposed 2 be dumb idiots as well. Smh

  19. Hey did it ever occur that maybe this is a location based act of racism, not corporation racism. this happened in florida remember. so what if there is one racist employee at barnes and noble. its not like the store ordered the display to be set up like that.

    i work at barnes and noble in ny, and im black, and chances are a customer put the monkey book there. its a bargain book (the barcode is on the front), and those never get a promo for a wall or fs rack.

  20. Scotland and Ireland aswell as Britain were all founded by the Negro, long before Edom settled in the same parts(another gem of information buried deep, deep, deep in the history books and kept quiet). Regrettably for them though we only need go to Genesis 10:2-5 to confirm since Japheth’s seed inhabited the land. There is not a white race in scripture until the birth of Esau(Edom) in Genesis 25, so what colour was Japheth? Indeed you guessed correctly, black, in fact all of Noah’s sons were black, Ham being the darkest shade of the 3.

    Scot-land means “black land”. Remember Edom dwelt in the mountains in southern Israel and from there went into the Caucasus mountains around the 1-2nd century, then from there he spread out at various stages into the areas that he inhabits today. The truth is coming out Edom. This isn’t 1959 where you could control what information went out to the people and what information you suppressed. Still in your arrogance your pride has become a rock of offence and a stumbling block to you. I don’t fret about their racist jibes, just finding out the truth about their coverups and lies is opening up on them gashing wounds and sores oozing with puss. They are wounded, we only need to sit back and watch them dig their own graves and fall into them.

  21. Rofl@Lati. I feel the love. I didn’t go to church. Who has twitter? Makes monkey sound *donk donk donk* I used to get that reaction from yt ppl. I just told them to shut the fuck up before I voodoo. I’m 110 african. Congo stand up.
    Oohh and Jan. I feel the same about Sandra Rose. She from the uk. I feel sorry. Can you guys please take that gremlin back. We don’t need that. Although ifeel her and verbs are compatible. To bad she’s a lesbian.

  22. Verbs,
    I need to borrow you for my history listen. As long you don’t talk about obama!
    Obama isn’t the first black president! John hensen google *john hensen* when you do so you realize google redirects you to *john hanson* as well as wikipedia claiming he was the senator and the president under the articles of confederation. In reality john hanson is from liberia with white features but he looks mulatoo. Imjust learning this now.if you have an american two dollar bill look in the back and you’ll see the real john hensen all though he’s face is hidden he was there in the signing of the declaration. George washington is the 8th president not the first. History is ambigous and haste. Fuck thegovernment. I never trust them. I’m running for major 2015 *vote for pprez*

  23. @ Diva, not all are, some have a brain cell or 2( courtesy of white middle class). Seriously, much as we would love 2 hate them, some are not that bad. Its an overwhelming feeling when such idiots do or say certain things.

  24. P Prez

    That is true, in fact John Hanson was indeed black(a Moor) but they promoted a picture of a mulatto so that they could still get some credit in there. In fact after him there were 8 more black presidents Recommended reading:

    What They Never Told You In History Class – Volume 1 by Indus Khamit Kush.

    Genesis 27:40 tells us that the modern day European would live by the sword(war) and indeed he would eventually gain the fatness(riches) of the earth. So this is the time of the European, this is the time of his reign. However his(Edom) reign is coming to an end and clearly he doesn’t want to give up his power because he knows that the power really belongs to Jacob(so called Negro). Note that the war isn’t just a physical on but also of the mind

    Is there anything that the white man has taken credit for that hasn’t originated in the Negro’s hand first? NO!

    Edom has systematically stripped away our identity and given us a false replacement in order to hide who we are according to the bible, the children of Israel, the true hebrews.

    Deuteronomy 28:68: And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

    With ships back into Egypt? There is no record of the children of Israel going back into the land of Egypt with ships. Turns out the land of Egypt was actually called Mizraim(after one of the sons of Ham) and that Egypt actually means “Bondage”. So now considering the verse, who was brought into BONDAGE on cargo slave SHIPS and sold as SLAVES. None other than the so called Negro. The whole bible is the history of the so called negro and the modern day European knows this and has systematically changed the whole world in order to hide the past including the names of countries and the true origins of people.

    They know the Messiah Yashya(Jesus Christ) is black(Rev 1:14-15) and that the Father(Ehyeh) in Heaven is also black(Daniel 7:9) so in the 15th century the Rome Catholic Church portrayed a notorious European poisoner, homosexual and murderer by the name of Cesare Borgia to be the new image of Christ. Recommended reading:

    A Triptych Of Poisoners by Jean Plaidy

    Edom knows the real truth though, check this out:

    The true hebrews of the Israel are the so called Negroes, Hispanics and Native Indian peoples of the world. Please excuse the rant,lol.

  25. @ verbs, u have the right 2 rant, if any one does not like it, they know what 2 do. Lol

  26. Also some recommended viewing:

    Hebrew Or The So Called Negro DVD by Yahya Bandele. I have hard copies if anyone is interested and will send out free of charge!

  27. @p prez, find a good day and get yoself 2 church. Sometimes i prefer sitting in an empty church on a week day and pray with no destructions. Try that. Lol

  28. @branx11

    Exactly, a hoax for comedic effect.

    People need to stop with bait biting…buttons going straight to Priority 1 distress over an individuals actions…oh black people….

  29. @Reclaimin’

    I hear what you are saying but adopting the stiffupper lip attitude is not the way either. Also, I never wrote those posts out of distress or out of rage but I feel that there is a way to react without taking the bait and chewing hard as you put it.

    My reaction to racists is one of mere pity. However, I still think that these kind of things should be reproved, though not through anger. Remember, to keep silent on an issue is making the statement that you agree with it. My angle with these situations is to bring knowledge and enlightenment to the victims as to why they are being persecuted, which is us as blacks. We are in the land of our enemies as foretold in scripture, these people are not our friends.

  30. @Verbs, its good 2 have an opinion which ever way it might be looked at. Kinda defines one.

  31. I agree, if you give a person the history of their enemy then they are more likely to react in a wise manner when provoked or baited. Its when a person is ignorant of their enemies, that is when they are most likely to act in an unwise manner. A breakdown of the history of the modern day European also takes teeth out of their mouths when they launch an attack as you can show them immediately that you know their past and how they work.

    It does disappoint me deeply when I see my people roll over on their backs at these things, passified by the temporary token treats given to them by the system(Willie Lynch Syndrome). My aim in these predicaments is to educate and empower my people. This at least should be done in order to eliminate or at least reduce confusion as many of our people still do not know the full scope of the issues between the so called Negro and the modern day European.

  32. But you are preaching to the converted…you need to be on some Far Right Neo Nazi blog site cos wailing to intelligent (well some ) folk is a waste of valuable energy, not so?

  33. If I was tackling the area of intelligence then yes, I would be wasting time, you are right. However my area of focus is on knowledge to which the intelligent here can cypher and utilise. Knowledge and intelligence are closely relted but they are not the same.

  34. @ verbs, the same thing as being educated but not learned. The day i read that quote,since then i’ve tried 2 tread carefully with people. And learning is a continuing process till u die. But verbs remember what sundance said, it doesnt have 2 be a case of yo way or the highway, it can be both.

  35. I agree, I just lay down the evidence for people to look at and I welcome any rebuttal. However, if no evidence is shown to the contrary, I guess my evidence must get the benefit of the doubt.

  36. When society see someone who they are threatened by, either of their success or their political / social status, their first thought is to try to insult them. Not realizing the true dumb asses are the one who is doing the unjust acts of insults. As you can see by this child like act, this is the work of some low paying worker who can not find any job higher paying more than $6.00 per hour. We can not be upset at this person but we must embrace this person for they have shown their true self worth and value. They are practicing their true act of ignorance. The real blame is the parents…they should have taught them better. No…I do not agree with the picture, but the true dummy is the one making $6.00 an hour and does not have a Harvard Degree. The closest they will come to become President of anything is washing some-one elses car.

  37. Unfortunately, my niece and I are both stuck with B & N gift cards. I called a couple of their stores and the cannot be returned for cash. Even if I buy something and return it, I will be stuck with store credit. Anyone have any ideas of how to get some value from them??? I wish Borders would honor B & N gift cards for a limited time….that would be awesome!


  39. I really don’t think this was an error in judgement. This was motivated by a desire to cause pain or harm. I believe B & N should make a public apology.

  40. Uh, Bush was referenced as looking like a monkey numerous times and no one was whining about it. Get over it.

  41. That is hilarious. Don’t know if it was intentionally racist or not, but gave me a chuckle.

  42. What is the deal with the Monkey thing? That Monkeys face is white and it has no lips so they’re unknowingly showing that they look more like the Monkey than we do. Racism will live on only because of fear and realizing the world does not revolve around them and that display only proves that they’re certainly not the Brightest.

  43. It is thime for America to become the country that it claims to be! We are anation of persons from every part of the world and President Obama is the first representative of all of us. It is a shame that we, as a nation can’t rise above the contraints of color. The election of our new President has given us the opportunity to grow and learn how to be better people. Let’s Get it together.

  44. Wow, some of you are so gullible. One persom reach over and switched the books and added the monkey book and took a picture. Anyone can reach over to the display books. Do you really think a Barnes & Noble would do this on purpose? Please, wake up people.

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