This terrible assault took place in Seattle, Washington, and yes victim is black.

I’m surprised that she received medical attention, because isn’t it usually standard practice to just leave us wounded and dying in holding cells like animals?

I hope and pray that they throw the book at Deputy Paul Sheen, but I think we all know what the outcome will be……

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  1. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names…..

    No matter how much noise she was making, there’s no excuse for that beating. If Sheen was upset because a 15 year old was getting mouthy he’s in the wrong job.

    Sickening !!!

  2. This is what the world has come to expect of American law enforcement. This type of behaviour must be standard practice as the actions of those of a police officer with many years experience. The trainee in charge of the video is probably now being made to regret leaving the tape on when the incident occurred.

  3. This is disgusting. The officer need to never work again in police work. Hopefully poetic justice would be that someone three times his size would give him the same.

  4. Holy little girl beatdowns Batman! What next. How in the world can that cop justify his actions. Where on earth was that child’s parents? Was she a murder suspect or some other major scales crime? She kicked her shoe at the officers, which is wrong, but good grief she barely lifted her foot to get it off. The men and women behind the badges are supposed to be bigger than that.

  5. If you let a 15 year old girl get you riled up like that you deserve to loose your job and do time for the assualt there was no need to do that to her, I hope her parents get her the best attorney and sue the hell out the City of Settle and the police departement!!

    They were probably calling her all kinds of bitches and hoes, that is probably why she was hostile… at the same time she was no threat to them and they had not right putting their hands on her.

    And people wonder why we hate cops so much, why they get such a bad rap!! That is why!!!!

    Where the hell is Al Sharpton?????

    So ridiculous!!!!!!

  6. this young child of only 15 yrs old was most likley told to remove her shoes as you can see at the end of the video the standby and do nothing officer grabbed the other shoe so she was doing what was asked and to bruce wayne she was arrested for stealing a car from the woman she lived with this poor child is not speaking out about it this is a key sign she is scared to death this is truly and entirley disgusting i live in the seattle area and i am making this a loud and heard complaint and i wont stop until paul sheen is served.

  7. She doesn’t look black to me; why do you think she’s black? The incident is hideous – that cop needs to be imprisoned, not just fired.

  8. Why is it when police are caught on tape Beating people, the police union always want to say “there are two sides to every story”. Those words may have worked back in the Rodney King beat down day, but not today. I don’t care if she was calling his mama every kinda of garden tool (hoe) in the book, the camera caught a little girl maybe getting lippy with the cop, she then kicked her little shoe off in a “kid” kinda of way. If they did not like what she was saying, they should have shut the door. How many cop reality shows are on tv showing how real cops handle criminals when they are acting up. They don’t go in and push their heads against a wall, punch them in the head then lift them up by their hair. That cop needs to resign. PERIOD. There is no excuss for what he did to that child. I don’t wish any ill will to no one but I would not be upset if someone treats him like he treated her.

  9. f… sheen and let this as…… rott in hell!

    and oOOOO these shoe could be a bomb?!? why didn’t exlode?

    thats so poor!
    kick him from job and get him in jail!

  10. this guy is a joke, why would he let a 15year old girl mouth have him react like that, someone need to do the same thing to him a few times

    if she toss the other shoe she sure would of got shot, lucky thing she kept the other side on

  11. I find this type of brutality exhibited by this officer to be what is built up in him. He did no more evil that what is within his soul. He was in a hall way on the other side of a wall with a door that he could have closed and locked her in until she calmed down. There is no excuse for his actions. I wonder if he has a daughter? How would he feel if someone adult male authority figure kicked, punched, and guided his teenage daughter around by a handful of her hair. I’m on ready- set- go crazy on ur ass- thinking of my own daughter.

  12. I’ve been saying this fuck the police. There’s been several instances where a cop has stepped out of line. If I’m not mistaken what happend to the motto”serve and protect”? Fuck the police. I aint scared of them I know my rights.

  13. That is one of the sickest videos I’ve ever seen….doesn’t make me wanna travel to States anymore, when I have to be afraid of the authorities and officers.

  14. I can’t belive this…What is the world coming to. I have a 13 yr old daughter and at that age they all get lippy but thats no reason to start beating the kid. If i was to do that because she was getting lippy i would be sitting in jail and my kids would be takin away he does it and gets put on paid leave wtf..I hope he gets the book and for his sake if he does he better pray that that 15 yr old girls uncle or other family member isnt locked up with him because if so hes done for……

  15. Why is everyone acting like something is going to be done to Paul Sheen. The man got away with murder so you know he will get away with this. And you wonder why the good rev. Wright said “God damn America!”

  16. This deputy seems to misunderstand the meaning of “assault.” If I could just have 5 minutes alone with him with no weapons, no backup, and no badge, I’d be happy to demonstrate for him the commonly accepted definition.

  17. The Seattle Police have had several incidents of appauling behavior
    just last year another assinine cop attacked a 17 year old boy with an aggreessive brutal attack, they thought he was gang cause he was black , well the city had to pay 180,000 to the kid and I think the family of this girl should press charges against the city for hiring this type of person for the job
    most of the SPD are Raciest, Homophobe, and grew up in Spokane or some other small town where they don’t get the education they need to be dealing with street smarts of a major ciry,
    i know if a cop attacked me like that he wouldn’t be alive to worry about it…

  18. What a Punk! typical douchebag cop abusing his authority. I seriously hope that this guy ends up behinde bars with guy’s that unleash his type of brutality on him daily! Good job, deputy Sheen! way to serve and protect once again. You makes us so proud! You are a Giant Bag Of Douche!

  19. i’m disturbed, disgusted, upset and scared.

    i am a 25 woman, i have seen the video twice on local television now and feel the need to kill myself. this video honestly puts me in a place that makes me feel like this world is not fit for anyone.

    fucking bastards.

  20. this shit is so messed up. he is a punk this is not his first attack. he killed someone before and got off the hook for that he needs to be taked to jail for like he had no right to do that. the partner is a punk also he has no business letting thawt go on. but i believe that in time that cop is going to get bad bad things done to him and his fam. he is a punk and coward. i seen this video when i was at the gym andi i damn near fell off the treadmill

  21. unbelievable…. I have never felt so passionate about hurting someone (sheen) and that makes me sick. What a disgrace.

  22. How absolutely disgusting. I’m going to school for Criminal Justice, and things like this want me to finish quicker. If you ever watch CSI, Captain Brass looked at a guy and said “Every time I think about retiring, guys like you come along and remind me why I can’t.”

    Disgusting. Sheen is on administrative PAID leave… uh.. hello?!

  23. Cops doing what they do best: ABUSING PEOPLE!!!!! What ever happened to protecting and serving??? The Police force is a Gang, they protect each other!!!

  24. I have to agree with all of you. This video is Sick but i do believe that there are good honest hard working police offiers still left. This officer should be judged on his own actions and we should not place his wrong doing on every officer. There are good and bad in every job.

  25. Im sure the bitch deserved it. This is how todays youth need to be treated. Youth of today could give a fuck about authority and don’t respect anyone. At 15 I would never have thought about mouthing off to police. Any one at 15 that don’t care who they run their mouth off to obviously needs to be treated different otherwise they’ll never get it.


  27. I’ll tell you, as a father and a person that deals with young people I’ve got to say that they can make you a little testy. These stories we keep seeing about law enforcement that can’t do their job are becoming to frequent. If this happened to be my daughter in this situation, officer Sheen would have a little something to be worried about. Unfortunatly this weak little piece of a man will go to court and some weak little excuse for a jury will let this guy off with just a slap on the hand. Until all you winny little people stand up for what is right, this is how you will get treated. This is going to cost The county or the city a pile of money, which nobody there cares about, ultimently costing all of you spinless little tax payers that don’t stand up for what is right. We will all just sweep this under the mat as we have so many times before and just wait to get it in the rear again.

  28. What saddens me more than this video is the passivity we Americans have become infected with. Like we don’t have the God-given rights to protect and serve our communities.

  29. @jpoetic73 huh?

    This happened awhile ago… but I never heard about it after it happened….boy if Johnny Cochran was alive….whooooooooooooo she would have gotten paid!!!

  30. we are now living in a police state, and its a bunch of uneducated violent douche bags that are hiding behide the badge and abousing their power.

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