rih have obtained a photograph of Rihanna after she was allegedly attacked by boyfriend/singer Chris Brown.

To view photograph click here

TMZ must have paid an LAPD insider MILLIONS for this photograph and it’s interesting that it’s been released on Rihanna’s 21st birthday……

Anyway the LAPD has since released a statement. Click here to read.

Heads are about to roll!


[Thanks P Prez]

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  1. Ha, that part where they say she blacked out….. By the way, these movies or comedies or soaps they always show, why is it that when they show a woman slapping a man, it’s made to look like, it’s heroic or bravery and taken lightly, but when it’s a man doing the slapping it’s made to look very brutal and violent and unacceptable? I might sound like i am agreeing to CB’s behaviour but i am not, just wondering.

  2. interesting thought there Lati…

    bring on the outcome of this fiasco asap,.. rumours of breezy doing almost 10 years come on…?

  3. Lati…does the photo reveal the makings of “A SLAP?”

    Unbelievable how uninformed and unaware the statements that have been posted and the authors of those posts are! I never want a friend or confidant with the likeness of the authors of some of the scariest and most shocking comments that I have ever read. People, when you realize someone is this twisted…if you must, love/like them from a distance, this is the type of hurt and confusion in your life, that you don’t see coming! One way to tell how screwed up a person is, is to listen to the content of their conversations, statements, views and then really give them a below the surface look see…If you come up with an empty wagon…roll out, the only thing you will experience from this person is loud and off centered NOISE!

    I really wonder what it feels like to be so evil and hateful! I could never ignore what is going on, especially in a case like this, and try to make the guilty party, less than, or not at all the heavy ~ while making the injured party, the willing and deserving recipient….UNBELIEVABLE! Lord…when?

  4. @Sloane

    “of some of the scariest and most shocking comments that I have ever read.”

    Really? These are some of the scariest and shocking comments that you have ever read?

    You clearly need to get more…….

    We still don’t really know the ins and outs of what really happened here. Perhaps you should save your utter disgust and disbelief for when the facts actually come out.

  5. Janice,
    I am speaking in general about the comments posted on several sites, not just this one, regarding this topic!! Reading a comment from a young lady that states Chris should have finished her, another one states that Rihanna deserved it(of course it was more graphic), that she had her friends to beat her up, just to humiliate Chris, and on & on…

    How are you to feel when I share with you that my daughter was beaten to death, with the hands of her boyfriend. This is just not acceptable, I truly wonder how someone would feel in Chris and Rihanna shoes, it is certainly sad commentary, because they are both intelligent, gifted and very unique, that type of specialness is rare…

    As far as not knowing what happened…I heard his apology…which was the right thing to do…therefore, admission of the incident being factual and being the suspect is all I need to know. She wasn’t merely hit once, and pushed…but there is no need to expand on her injuries…it is time for her to continue healing and to begin that road of forgiveness, and time for him to re~evaluate his path and hopefully grow into an awesome and loving man!

    Once again, my “utter disgust” is with the comments being made by people visiting various sites. I have weighed in and I am over the shock of the incident…I am not on a bash Chris bandwagon…it just is what it is. Just as I am disgusted with the NY Times, for not editing that Monkey Cartoon that was in the poorest of taste.

    God Bless and Stay Beautiful!

  6. @ sloan, i hear where you are coming from and i have not at one time agreed to violence against women. My problem is people ignoring the fact that women do not commit acts of violence and are all ready to jump and make conclusions. If these two have been violent to each other, is it right? I guess my question to you is whether you believe that women can be violent.

    I am sorry for your loss but i too have had a experience of a loved one who suffered verbal abuse at the hands of a woman. And this person never at anyone time hit her. But what happened to this person was that we lost him as person, he did not die but for many years he sufferred depression and lost his personality and it was painful to watch. So if in your books that does not count, in mine it does count alot and if that qualifies me heartless and un informed, so be it. I can assure you one thing, i will not jump to defend Rihanna until the full story is out.

    Another example is of a friend of mine who was violent to her partner, what was worse was that one day she called him and he did not answer his phone and as soon as she got home she hit him. Her partner left her and did not hit her and went to a friend’s house. She called me to her house and when i got there, the state in which i found her was unbelivable. She was telling me how she had hit him and calling herself evil, but crying like she had been hit, we ceased to be friends coz i cannot deal with manipulative tendencies. So if that qualifies me heartless, suit yourself.

    If you can check out suppert groups for men who are victims of domestic violence, then you will know what am talking. I will not jump on anyone’s band wagon because they have beaten blue and black. If they both hit each other it’s wrong on both their parts as far as am concerned.

  7. ‘My problem is people ignoring the fact that women do not commit acts of violence and are all ready to jump’, supposed to have written, women do commit acts of violence.

  8. @ Sloane, While you are out checking these men support groups, let us know how easy it was to find them and how many they are and why and inform me if you do not mind. You could ask to speak to the workers about the general attitude of people towards men who are domestically abused. I would love to know what you find out. Because it such attitudes that make men who are abused cave in an suffer in silence. I guess there’s nothing like self defence for men against women in your books.

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