Cancer-stricken British reality TV star Jade Goody was rushed to hospital over the weekend after collapsing at her Essex home.

Goody was in “excruciating pain” and checked herself into the Royal Marsden Hospital in Fulham, south-west London twice over the weekend after she collapsed at home on January 30 after falling ill following her latest bout of chemotherapy in her ongoing cervical cancer battle, reports

After admitting herself to the Marsden on Friday, Goody got herself discharged on Saturday, but was forced to return after becoming violently ill again.

“Jade has been in a lot of pain and she is going through hell. It is a battle for life, but her condition has not worsened and treatment is ongoing,” said her spokesperson Max Clifford.

This doesn’t sound good at all….

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  1. That Max Clifford is a real slime ball, always the one to capitalise on a person’s downhill circumstances. As for Jade, this is not sounding good at all. If she continues with the chemo and radio therapy she will kick the bucket soon. Those therapies plus the drugs bring no benefits to a person with cancer, only destruction. The best route is always alternative herbal remedies.

  2. Verbs, do not shoot the messenger. He wouldn’t capitalise on anything if he did not have permission.
    What herbal remedies are you talking about? Give us your prescription.

  3. He is still slime, I know his record. Why folks still call on him and feel he can make a difference is anyone’s guess. Remedies:

    Rife Therapy
    Ozone Therapy
    High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C installations
    Essiac Tea/Tincture
    Vitamin B17
    Juice Feasting (3 Months)
    Alkaline Drops
    No Meats Only Vegetables(3-4 month)
    Colonic Hydrotherapy
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions
    Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass(Powders or Juices)
    High Dose Vitamin D Therapy(UV Light Machines)
    Filtered Water.

    You won’t hear about these remedies via the mainstream news.

  4. Anyone reading this, please do not try this at home. You do this at your own risk. We do not want any one suing Janice. Ask your GP first.
    Oh verbs, what nonsense are you talking about?

  5. @Ty

    You’re welcome bro. I also recommend the book A World Without Cancer by G Edward Griffen. It goes into more depth about the politics of cancer and the real reasons why the alternative therapies and herbal routes are suppressed. The Cure For All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clarke is another eye opener.


    Why so skeptical Lati? Due to the fact that you are dealing with natural herbs and not synthetic drugs, there is no risk so GP advice is not needed. Be your own doctor, get to know your own body, after all it’s you that has to live in it for 75-80 years. At least watch that video I posted before dismissing what information could save you alot of pain and possibly your life in the future.

  6. “Why so skeptical Lati? Due to the fact that you are dealing with natural herbs and not synthetic drugs,” not being sceptical verbs, you know how people make a fortune out of suing. My granny hates this synthetic medicine. She does not even use tooth paste and a tooth brush, she uses ash and a chewing stick, and at her age, her teeth are as white as snow. She will never go under the knife either even if it was her way out to survival. Herbs are what she talks about all the time. When it came to her eye sight, we had to drag her to hospital on this one.

  7. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT be moved and i wont be told by clevor emotional marketing either…
    afte shilpa shetty she was lost to the world… a few pics. a little bad news, a few interviews and she is back in the countries good graces….
    . thats great for her and for the folk of england if they believe that..
    i watched nearly every episode of big brother that year.. what she did along with her cronies was unforgivable.. and to show you how it all is washed under the carpet.. one of the biggest culprits of that whole thing was the footballer girlfriend…. she has had a flourishing career since… so the underlying tones are there..
    if you despise people of colour secretly WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! ( IS THE VIBE I GET FROM ENGLISH MEDIA)

  8. Hi Jade, I was really touched when I read the News about your Health Situation online. I believe in the Almighty God, the Creator of the Whole Universe and the One who Created you too. He can do it for you, You will Live up till the time God has made for you. Remember, God Proposes, while Man Disposes. God will do it for you, You will Live more than even To your Expectation. I would Like you to come down to Nigeria, I know you are a British/African, You need to come down here, A good Man of God can be a tool of God’s Intervention in your Case. I Pray that the Almighty God will do it for you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen. Please you can come down to Nigeria, Our Ministry is right here in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. I will Keep praying for you. I would even Love to get your Contact Number so that the Men of God can Pray for you for God to Visit you right there. Blessing Monday; Mobile:2347067218718 Email:

  9. i am sorry like every one that Jade is dieing. I know that some may think Jade don’t need to hear this. But I beleive God is able to heal Jade. Magic Johnson was sure he was going to die, he and his wife found some powerful praying people, and he is doing very well. Just a little faith, beleiving that God can sometimes is all we need

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