Fiddy has gone too far now…

He is really out to destroy Rick Ross.

In his continuing ‘beef’ with fellow rapper Rick Ross, Fiddy has managed to rope in the mother of Rick’s son Tiallondra “Tia” Kemp.

Tiallonda… Tia… whatever your name is, you are one SAD woman!!! A non entity clearly desperate for your 15 minutes of fame.

And guess what folks? Tia will be releasing a book soon called ‘Tia’s Diary : Deeper than Rap’, telling of her struggles as a single mother, involved with a rapper whose real life behaviour does not quite live up to his image.

Tia do you really think that this will be a bestseller????

Listen luv instead of involving yourself in FOOLISHNESS for profit/fame, why don’t you get a real job and take care of your child.


Your thoughts please…..

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  1. Tia, you are an embarrassment, what on earth are you doing woman? Really trying to capitalise on circumstances which should be kept behind closed doors. The book will flop, nobody is interested in this. There are plenty of single mothers who are struggling, I dare say a few of them dealing with wannabe gangsters. Why should you be exhalted above them, huh?

  2. I don’t even have the strength to cordone/argue against this balatant display of town foolery. I didn’t even bother to press play.

  3. Officer ricky told Fif he had 48 hours to respond. Ross should
    have kept his mouth shut. I mean he’s embarrassing himself.
    Not a good look bra

  4. Adaobi & Reclaimin

    At first I felt the same way, but I had to watch lol. Just watch to see how SAD the woman is, and towards the end when Fiddy takes her shopping and she tries on a fur coat that looks like one of them coats my gran aunt would have wore back in the 70s to church.

  5. Damn he done took ross’s baby mama shoppin for furs and highheels. I agree with you all ,noone is goin 2 buy her book and she is makin a damn fool out of herself and her child . Does she think 50 cares about her plz he just used her and probably promised her a shoppin spree if she talks ish about ross .

    “she tries on a fur coat that looks like one of them coats my gran aunt would have wore back in the 70s to church.”
    LOL Janice

  6. I think it’s funny, sad yes, but overall Rick Ross knowing he was not serious in the game, should have kept his trap shut,

    “I’m da biggest boss that you’ve heard those far” HA! clown!

    but he ain’t the only one, his lifestyle is common in todays scene!

  7. he spoke at the beginning as if he was gonna talk about a deep social issue, lol.

  8. “Listen luv instead of involving yourself in FOOLISHNESS for profit/fame, why don’t you get a real job and take care of your child.”


    Give it to her nuh.

    Gwan Janice.

  9. How about:

    * 50 is a man that is NOT remotely affected by the credit crunch – au contraire, he is a man with entirely too much money and entirely too much time on his hands!

    * Tia was paid a measly (or messy!!) $2500 (there abouts) one-off payment to air her dirty laundry and be a part of the performance in NY with her crony. She STILL flew into NY cattle class, but she had a limo waiting at the other end, so…..I guess fiddy takes care of ish?!

    * Those furs went right back to Kaufman Furs when the taping was done! Fiddy buys HIS furs there, but shit – don’t EVER get it twisted; he is NEVER spending on those broads like DAT in there!! K!

    * Gucci shoe shopping?? Ah yes, that did happen – but the thing about throwing two hood randoms bare scraps when they are hungry, is that they will happily become bag-carriers…..and what you DON’T see is that the shoes belong to Fiddy and HIS girls!! LMAO….

    Fiddy, Rick, Tia, Mark Kaufman, Fillip the sales assistant, the asst who doubles as the camera man, the payroll Driver – could it all be a front to create the scene to create the stage for MORE entertainment?……I’m just saying…..cos you’re still watching!……

  10. OOOps, sorry for the typo. It should have read: …..throwing two hood RODENTS bare scraps…..

  11. Hillarious 50 should have bought that bitch a car and shit for her kids!! What the hell is she going to do with Gucci shoes and a borrowed fur??

    That was gangsta and pitiful at the same time!!!

    She does need to go out and handle her business instead of doing this what a loser!! She look like she 2 steps from being a crackhead fo reals!!

  12. Oh yeah “Marc” – maybe YOU need to stop frontin’!!
    Tell me: Why would you EVEN come up onto a blog and defend it?
    Str8 killin me out here!….Since you put yourself on blast – you should also tell the world how your business is bank rolled too……..

  13. yo i think its not good for fiddy so i wud like fiddy to keep cool and dont try any tin funny cuz rick ross is my mentor down here in nigeria i luv’em and let im not hurt anyone

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