I wonder if Newsnight plans on inviting rapper Dizzee Rascal on to the show  to discuss this historical event?

I mean he did an absolutely FANTASTIC job the first time around, on the day Barack was elected President….

LOL!! smh…..

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  1. This was a deliberate set up. They could have chosen somebody with better articulation of speech like Craig David but they purposely went for Dizzy who they know cannot switch speech styles in a professional environment and will remain in “street mode”. This will only flare up the stereotypes already held by ignorant muppets. This was set to me by a friend a while back and back then I couldn’t watch the complete clip for sheer embarrassment.

    Obama is going to shaft the people, especially the blacks. I don’t know what these stars are getting so hyped up and happy for. I’ve seen his proposal policies, they are armageddon. Either he will pass a load of skull duggery which will spark off physical race riots or he will be assassinated which will do the same thing. Obama is a puppet, he seats in a masonic seat, he runs nothing.

  2. I’m guessing Verbs didn’t read our original rants. Anyhoo, look at the ghetto ballerina. On a serious note, lets all pray Obama delivers.

  3. I think at one point in time he said that he might not fullfill whatever he wants to in one term, but he would try to steer things in the right direction. Something of the sort. I actually feel sorry for him b’se he has to wipe the mess that has been left behind. I am not even going to bother watching this clip b’se i have heard only bad reviews and everyone seems to be embarrassed.

  4. Barry Soetoro……..oops sorry, where did that come from? Birth certificate dodging Obama will not deliver or steer anything in the right direction. America better pack a heavy tub of industrial vaseline.

  5. @ verbs2009, i think it was in his victory speech or something. Check it out yourself to get your own meaning. What did native Bush deliver?

  6. Yep, Verbs is one of those. Since when did you think a black man could get into the WHITE HOUSE? They do not call it that for nothing. It would have been an achievement for black people if Obama wasn’t purposely placed there in that position. Blacks have been deluded and set up. They knew blacks had lost faith in the government after Bush so the elite needed to sucker them back in, so they brought in somebody who looks like them and who can speak well.

    Change, change, yes we can, what? Excuse me for digging into the archives but I seem to remember a Mr Tony Blair running the same slogans when he was running for prime minister in 1997. We got change alright, change into armageddon and a pit of fire, to which we are still descending into deeper. Funny how Obama’s cousin Odinga ran the same lines aswell running for a govermental position in Kenya. He lost and sort his cousin Obama for advise. Obama advised him to take by force, so on Obama’s advise he burnt down many churches and killed 1000 christians.

    Jeremiah 17:5……Cursed be the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm, who heart departeth from the LORD.

    So, which God are you praying to for Obama to deliver because it cannot be the God of the bible? God told us not to trust man and we can clearly see from history that men indeed cannot be trusted.

  7. We love Verbs..but the conspiratorial overtone on what is plain for all to see mixed with the orthodox religious alignments always takes a litle weight out of an otherwise insightful opinion…

    Simply, any president in power in the US and UK are selected by influential people who run or work at extremely high levels in corporations who are more powerful than many a small country! They decide who would be the best candidates for elections and therefore the candidates have already been conditioned through their educational experiences and achievements etc… hence, it will just be a different type of the same presidency Democratic or Republican-the corprotocracy and banks are ultimately the government. (See 1st part of Zeitgest: Addendum) So the presidents and politicians are merely the vessels of this governance-the puppets as it were.

  8. I am afraid that there is no overtone in what I say, if anything, matters are worse than what I make out, much worse. As for my constant references to the bible and scripture. having predicted what is unfolding today with 100% accuracy, I think that the bible is worthy to be intergrated into these matters and quoted as an invaluable and fundamental tool. If you would like the scoop on the up and coming conflict with Iran, I suggest you read Isaiah 13.

  9. @ Verbs – You are back aren’t you. Interesting debate !!!

    ” Blacks have been deluded and set up. They knew blacks had lost faith in the government after Bush so the elite needed to sucker them back in, so they brought in somebody who looks like them and who can speak well’

    What about the overwhelming majority of non black voters, are they to be dismissed ? You don’t have to be black to appreciate that the man has intellect and thank god he can speak well/string a sentence together, unlike Bush.

    If God told us not to trust man, then what would be your resolve !!!……

    In the society/day and age we live in where ‘MAN’ is pulling the strings we don’t have much option, thats dictatorship for ya. I think this is a lot more than just putting your faith into one man. It’s a part of history that we canno deny or scoff at….., so can he at least get into office and do something first, before we hang, draw and quarter him.

  10. If blacks were deluded and set up this time, i think the whites have been deluded twice with the two Bushes. I do not believe in those two regimes of the bushes, alot has been achieved. If the white man can go and sit in the white house and do nothing why can’t a black man do the same. Most leaders are puppets and that’s why they have ministers or whatever u call them. And all campaigning leaders use the same language to entice people to vote for them. Obama is no different, he just happened to be a black man who eventually won. So he will naturally get criticism. All of a sudden he’s expected to be and make things perfect. If he beats Bush’s bad regime even by 0.5%, it will be good enough. I can only rate his performance to that of Bush and the only way he can fail is if he scores below Bush which i highly doubt. If you have heard the way Bush makes speeches, you would appreciate Obama’s ability to speak well. And if you have heard Sarah Pailin as well, you would rejoice that Obama won. I think anyone who wants votes has to use the term change otherwise people will think it’s going to be the same and will not be interested, it’s a con word. AS FOR AFRICAN POLITICS, u quoted kenya(odinga), i would not dare go there because african leaders are notorious for doing the opposite of what they say when campaigning and that’s normal although not right in africa. All they want is the money they will steal which i doubt is the case for Americans or British. Right now, the black Obama kicked ass and they will worry about delivering 2morrow.

  11. @ Agnes Kuye-

    I agree, non black voters were also suckered in by the slickster Barry…..sorry Barack. Yes, he can speak well and string a sentence together but it is this value he has which is being used to lull people into a false sense of security. Dumb boy Bush was deliberately brought in with Obama already planned and waiting in the wings for a people who they knew would cry for “change” after 8 years. This has all been planned from way back.

    As for trusting man, it is the trust of man that has got us into this predicament in the first place. The ideal is to trust in God alone. God does not need men to meet the needs of people, but men have distanced themselves so far from God and they no longer have a spirit of discernment to recognise when they are being shafted. How many times do we need to be punched in the mouth by politicians to realise that they do not hold our interests at heart? They serve the corrupt system.

    Evil men are pulling strings because the people have become complacent and no longer get involved in governmental issues. You should never center power in one place as corruption will always arise and eat as a canker. Trust in God alone, he knows your personal needs and can provide for you. Did he not provide food for Elijah in the wilderness? Did he not provide manna for the children of Israel?

  12. @ lati

    This is the point I’m making. Obama isn’t going to rectify any of the corrupt policies that Bush has passed, he is merely going to build on top of them, proving that the so called left right paradigm is a fantasy and that Obama bats for the same masters as Bush even though they may appear to be on different sides and hold different issues. The last president who was truly for the people got shot in the head because he stepped out of line from the elite agenda and began to make fundamental changes whereby the everyday people would see and began to see true benefits.

    The bankers dictate the policies and execute them, the president merely mentions what is to take place. Obama kicked nothing, he was placed in that position. Don’t you know how politicians, especially ones who are going to take prominent roles in the public eye, are groomed from birth for their positions? I would have admired Obama if he had actually fought against genuine odds for that position. Running against a guy with one foot in the grave. Come on Lati, where is your discernment? Surely you can recognise a set up when you see it. Do I have to remind you again, a BLACK MAN in the WHITE HOUSE?????????????

  13. Ok, if it was set up, does that mean a black man should never be president for kicking white man’s ass sakes. I would vote for that then worry about delivering 2morrow. Give the man a break. I honestly believe he will be better than Bushes and that alone makes a big difference.

  14. Give the man a break??? He is current running from providing the evidence that he is even a US born citizen at the moment and you are saying give the man a break? The policies he is about to bring in will make nazi Germany look like a holiday haven and you’re saying give the man a break? A million man spy youth core, to spy on everyday citizens, partial birth abortions(abortions are grim anyway but partial birth abortion is barbaric), more cctv(spying on citizens), more police on the street(not fighting real crime but writing more tickets).

    The change you want is coming, change for the worse. For trusting in a man, you’ve automatically brought a curse upon yourself. Obama is following in exactly the same footsteps as Hitler. Go on youtube and type in Obama Youth vs Hitler Youth. This was my earlier point, because you’ve trusted in man and not God, you have no discernment and as a result you are like the frog slowly being cooked in the pot who cannot recognise the looming danger. Within the next 5 years America will be in smoke from nuclear attacks guaranteed.

    As for having a black president, I have no problem with that whatsoever as long as he is genuine , true and has been put there by the people and not by the banksters. Barack is a devil in sheep’s clothing and because most of America is asleep, he will be able to pass more skull duggery before the majority finally clock on to who he really is.

  15. The Beast. Yep hidden in plain view. He is going to need the high tech security specs of that car for real.

  16. I’ve also mentioned this before a long time ago but youtube “Fema Coffins” and “Concentration Camps”.

  17. Verbs, you really have made yo mind up about Obama haven’t you? Was trying not to get into this bible thing but have you noticed that the God in the old testament was brutal and the one in the new testament was kinder, so which God are you quoting? Do you really believe that all these policies are going to be implemented? He will have on going strikes if he tried. Things like abortion are sensitive and personal so he cannot try it. I think people have tried to stop and failed. And as far as this spying thing your talking about is concerned, i personally think it’s not a new thing. Or is it? CCTv has been ongoing its just that the people operating have been lazy at their jobs. Same thing as far as i can see, its just being emphasised. Obama is american. You can call him birth certificate dodger. The white man brought so many foreigners, in this case i will refer to black africans, and made them lose their homes and identities to build on their wealth (pure greed), so the white man lost the right to tell people that you are from here therefore you cannot be this. America is full of foreigners, who cares who comes from where? One way or another, and by whatever means, a black had to get in the WHITE HOUSE. I do not think there was any other easier way for any black man. The white man always had an advantage and did not have to use desperate measures like a black man. Whatever it takes.

  18. Yep, I’ve made up my mind on Barry…..oops Obama. I’ve done the research and found him to be a very dodgy character with serious skull duggerous acts up his sleeve.

    God of the old testament brutal, God of the new testament kinder? This is the same God.
    Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I CHANGE NOT……Please give me an example of this switcharoo character of God.

    As for your Obama boy imposing these corrupt policies, he will implement as many as he can get away with. As for strikes I suggest you google “Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012”. That’s why they are beginning to bring the military onto the streets of America, they know where things are going and that things are going to get extremely messy, but they want to keep you in the dark until it is too late.

    As for cctv. I suggest you go to a country where there is none and experience the freedom and liberty you have. They have had for a while cameras that can look through your house walls and roof. Don’t bother to make love to the wife/girlfriend anymore, you’re being watched. The problem with this excess amount of eyes is lack of privacy.

    As for the abortion issue, he already has tried to pass partial birth abortions or at least voted in favour of them when he was a senator. Where have you been? Now he is president, its no holds barred now.

    Yep, he’s dodging revealing his nationality and it does matter simply because a foreigner will not represent the people of the land he is residing in and will not reflect their interests in the laws that he passes. He hold no allegiance to them period.

    Here you go again, you still mistakenly believe that Obama got into the white house via his own steam. The white men you chastise are pulling Obama’s strings, they control him, he has no free rule of his own. Yes you are correct, the white man has been advantaged for a very long time but that is finally coming to a close. God has not forgotten what the white man has done to this world. Edom’s reign is at a close. Read the book of Obadiah and see what God has in store for the white man who will not submit to him. Also read Ezekiel 35. The rebellious white men and any other nations who will not repent and submit to God will pay dearly for their crimes against God and humanity. God has not forgotten.

  19. What are you talking about him being a foreigner? Why is he a foreeigner? Is he not an american citizen? YOU must be in the John Mcain camp. His name sounds scottish, i wonder wheteher …? If you are a black man in britain or america you will always be a foreigner because your origins are not here, and that’s how it is and that’s why we have racism.The black people who do not know where they come from are trying to be accepted. Do not forget about slavery. People were forcefully abducted and stolen ok sold by their own people at times but all this was the “bright idea” of a white man”. And this religion thing yo using was used by these white people to steal from all countries they invaded. The black man never knew about God untill the white man introduced it, and with the way they have backed out on it now, one wonders whether it really existed. You know why they call religion a belief? So you either believe or you do not. Religion is personal and you cannot force it people, i go to church for very personal reasons and do not believe whatever they say but i know what i get when am in church. Africans always worshipped thunder or lightening or whatever, and still do. The white scaed them with all this going to hell thing, and blackmailed them emotionally to steal from them, they always had an agenda. Remember, ” THE FLAG ALWAYS FOLLOWED THE CROSS”. I cannot count how many times God killed people in the bible mercilessly to “defend his chosen ones”. How many wars did the old testament God bring on people? Don’t get me started on this. I think you are going over the top with these policies. If he failed once which is not surprising to implement the abortion thing, you really honestly believe he will try it again? That’s why he has advisers. As for cctv, tell it to the people who lost their loved ones in terrorist act and violence of rape or knife abuse and have been able to get their attackers with the help of cctv.

  20. Lets deal with your points one by one.
    I am in no man’s camp apart from the camp of Christ Jesus. Man has had his chance to prove that he is responsible and can perform a worthy job of looking after the earth and look at the mess that he has created.

    Obama nationality lies between Kenya or Indonesia, he is not an American citizen. For more of the scoop on this visit If you has nothing to hide Obama, just show us a copy of the bank vault birth certificate Barry, that’s all we want to see.

    As for black origins, you were shown were you came from in Deuteronomy 28:68. Read the scriptures, the bible is the history book of the black man. So called “black” people from Britain and America are from the tribe of Judah. God never referred to your fore fathers as “black”, he referred to them as Israel/Judah/Hebrews. Our fore fathers were cut off from their heritage and country(Israel) because of their sins and disobidience against God. We ran into Africa in 70AD to escape Roman persecution. The So called Negroes of Britain and America do not come from Africa. Now a people calling themselves Jews were given the land in 1948 that our fathers once inhabited. The people currently residing in Israel are not the true jews/hebrews(Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9). The tribes of Israel are made of of the so called Negro, American Indian and Hispanic races scattered throughout the world according to the scriptures.

    Your point about us not knowing God before the white man brought us his religion is wrong,. We always knew about God, it was the european that introduced to us his pagan/hethern practices and tweaked and twisted out knowledge of God into Catholism(which is not christianity but a trojan horse), then handed us a new package when our fathers came of the slave ships.

    It is common sense that you cannot be a true follower of Christ if you invade countries, rape and kill women and children and slay population for your own personal gain. That is not what Christ taught his followers to do. That is a no brainer.

    As for God killing mercilessly, please give me one example, I would like to see this killing without mercy that God executed.

    As for Obama boy, you will have to see for yourself that he is a devil. He won’t take however to reveal his true self, I give him 6 months.

    Problem, reaction, solution. The powers that be want more cctv so they allow crime to climb out of control knowing that the dumb public will ask for what they wanted to introduce in the 1st place(more cameras) and so the people who caused the problem in the beginning are looked upon as the heroes bringing in a solution which seems good on the surface but has another purpose down the line. Look long term sir not short term.

    Citizenship refers to birthplace origin and since Obama wasn’t born in America, yes that is correct, he is not a citizen of the United States. An illegal alien is about to be sworn in to the presidential seat of the United States. Don’t think that they didn’t choose this ILLEGAL ALIEN to be a black man by accident. Another part of their diabolical scheme that has been executed.

  21. fINALLY…I thought something was not right in your arguments and now i can see what. I now think you resent Obama because he says he is a xtian but not exactly the way you want him to be. I’m not even going to bother getting into this religion. I think that according to what you have said it has nothing to do with his ability to be president or race BUT RELIGION. POLITICS AND RELIGION, bad combination. Personally i do not believe anyone should force their faith on others. OBAMA A DEVIL, I AM A DEVIL TOO. I know people like you who go to africa in this day and age as we speak now who go to spread the word of God and extort people with money and sexually abuse (sodomise), young boys and girls. So i am not a fan. Mixing religion and politics will never work and never has worked. Yes, an illegal alien is going to be sworn in and what are you going to do about it? ask God to strike him dead? You cannot be a xtian as you claim, coz your the evil one. Hiding behind the cross now are you? I know your type. Hypocrisy.

  22. What on earth are you talking about??? I’ve always made it clear that I don’t take to Obama because his policies are evil, he’s a puppet, he runs nothing and he has been placed in position by men who have sinister dark plans that they want executed. Having clearly investigated Obama and his past, I can quite confidently say that he is not a christian. How can Obama be a christian sitting in a masonic seat? Freemasons worship the devil sir, do your research.

    You’ve just gone off into a wild rant about nothing. You do not get it and you will not get it until he begins to show his true colours, but by then it may be too late for you. Even simple observations would tell you that not one president since Kennedy has come through for the people, not one. Further more, people will continue to vote in snakes for presidents and prime ministers and people like yourself will continue to be sodomised by them because that is what you like and that is all you know.

    Behold the Lord Jesus commanded them saying: Go ye into all Africa and spread the gospel, those who will not hear and stop their ears at thy words, kill with the sword and spoil their houses: Sodomise young boys and girls, hold them to ransom and plunder money from them: Discover the nakedness of the women of the land and ravage the virgins????? Something is not quite right here is it???

    Matt 7:15 – Beware of FALSE PROPHETS, which come to you in SHEEP’S CLOTHING, but inwardly they are RAVENING WOLVES.
    16 – Ye shall know them by their fruits……….

    After reading these 2 verses, how you can look upon a man who claims that he is a christian, but rapes women, takes people’s hard earned money and sodomises young boys and girls, and still call him a christian and a man of God even after the facts have established that he is clearly not living the life Christ ordained, can only be described as retarded sir.

    Here’s another one for you sir.

    Matt 24: 4-5:And Jesus answered and said unto them, TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU. For MANY SHALL COME IN MY NAME saying, I AM CHRIST; and shall DECEIVE MANY.

    2000 years ago Christ warned you about people using the name of Christ and Christianity to deceive many people, 2000 years ago sir. What bible are you reading sir? Is the bible you are reading upside down sir? Let me put it another way so you can understand clearly. People would come and use the good name of Jesus Christ and Christianity to do evil works for their own gain, profit and desires.

    I don’t deal in religion either. Christ never gave man a religion, he gave man laws and statutes to center his lifestyle around. True biblical christianity is walking in faith, not attempting to obtain favour of God by your own works(religion).

    I cannot even feed you meat, I have to put you back on milk because of your lack of understanding.

  23. And after all this I’m still waiting for an example of God’s merciless slaughter of people for his choosen!

  24. If you want to make me understand xtianity, do not quote the bible, bse it is as controversial as you are. You are all over the place. I can interprete those bibilical quotations in so many ways. Having said this, i will agree to diasagree. Just read the old testament about the wars. You will preach to me till the cows home and i will never see what you mean especially your xtianity and conspiracy theories on Obama.

  25. I wonder what its like to leave in a perpetual state of second guessing what may or may not happen in the world?

    On one hand it could be reassuring, never taking risks or new challenges because of the cetainty of knowing things will be bad/

    On the other, would you really call it living?

    It’s all very well letting people know that they are wicked and are going to burn in eternal fire and flames etc (really there are currently worst ways to die-I understand you fall unconscious at extreme heat anyway) but sometimes these prophetic ramblings never deliver solutions….

    The technology that I am using to communicate worldwide has been more of a solution than those concerned with preaching. Funny how though, there is never an appreciation for these wicked souls who use science and by having a keen interest in mans development are not praised (and I don’t mean in the worship sense) for making peoples lives easier. Why use medical science when belief in God will cure you? Why is it acceptable to take the better parts of the sinful world-surely there should be this kind of fervour as described in particular blogs.

    Logically, with such apocolyptic beliefs it would be better to go to the next life sooner…and I don’t wish that on anyone but it just seems that all these discussions seem to conclude there as there seems to be no hope for man. If indeed, there was hope-what would that mean for the preachers and prophets. I suspect they’d have to join the queue at the Job Centre! 😉

  26. @ verbs. What are you doing on tuesday? I hope you will be ok sincerely. I’ll check on you after that to see if you are fine. This was only a debate. But that xtianity thing got to my nerves to be honest. Send a wee message so i know you are ok on wednesday.

  27. @Lati

    No problem, I never took it personally, I enjoyed the debate but as a man who has seen a certain pattern emerge over here in the UK, being taken over to the US to destroy the country, what kind of person would I be not to warn the people of the US of what is to come? I have personally warned a couple of my friends over there to either get out within the next year or if they are unable to, to at least get storable foods, guns, ammo, gold and silver. At the moment I’m just looking at the 21st-22nd January to see what stunts this new administration is going to pull.

  28. @ Reclaimin’

    My message to the people is not that they are going to burn in hell, but trust in God fully and put not your trust in men. In fact I cannot recall anywhere during this debate where I informed people that they were going to be consumed by flames.

    As for hope, on the contrary there is hope for man but only in fully trusting God. There is no hope for the man who is going to continue to trust in men as God told us never to trust in man and from human nature we can clearly see that man’s heart is corrupt, deceitful and wicked. If you are in doubt, observe the earth you currently reside in.

    As for medical advancements, I am not against that area though I do believe that we have gone overboard with prescribing drugs for every little wimple when God clearly told us that he made the herbs of the earth for the service of man. There is an increasing expanding alternative health movement in the rise, people who are sick and tired of the endless cycle of prescription drugs and who are look for a natural alternative. This area is more up my alley and this is where I do a large portion of my research.

  29. @ verbs, i think you need to chill out abit( i am not being sarcastic or anything) it’s coming from a good place. Why do you think so negatively honestly. Life is too short, just enjoy it and try to live on the edge, it’s fun honestly. Let go and fly. Honestly, it’s not healthy for the mind.

  30. @Verbs

    No, you did not literally talk about fire and brimstone Verbs but there is a sense of armageddon about most(not all) of your posts… so I wonder really what you have to look forward to in this current hell on earth?

    OK, so let’s say we all trust in God. Everyone of us-there. No one does bad things, has bad thoughts etc…What now, what does the future hold? I am interested

  31. I agree reclaimin. Verbs just needs 2 chill out honestly. Am laughing at the’consuming flames’ and ‘armagedon’ terms u guys used. I cannot stop. Next week, the flames start. God 4bid. Verbs yo unbelievable honestly. Am smiling at least.

  32. @ Lati

    Ok, this is what I will do. I am going to sit back and and let Obama show his colours. I’ve given you links to articles in which they clearly point out that this depression is going to be worse that the 1930’s depression, and for many reasons. I am relaxed, Im just warning people what is to come. This idea of false security and the world continuing perpetually is a fallacy. The very economy which we thought was an iron horse has crashed and we thought that was going to go on for ever.

    While you are here youtube “Tent Cities” and “food riots worldwide”. Watch and know that what you see is coming full force to the western world including America and the UK. You cannot be positive about a world that has been shot with a gun and the wound has turned gangrene and getting worse. I also suggest a reading of Matthew 24 so that you can at least see what is yet to come.

    My positivity is channelled into informing folks what is going on, giving them ample warning and showing them what to do to prepare for the times ahead. Also you talk about the flames coming. The flames have already started in Cali and have been rioting out of control for a good long while now.

  33. @Reclaimin’

    God’s plea is simple. If we humble ourselves and stop being so arrogant and prideful thinking that we cannot be touched and that we will go on forever, pray, seek God’s face(desire to learn of his ways and do them)and turn from our wicked ways(stop the slackness), then God promised that he would hear from heaven, forgive our sin and HEAL the land(2 Chronicles 7:14). So we have a promise of restoration to look forward to if we trust in God, but desolation and destruction if we continue to pridefully put our trust in men sticking 2 fingers up at God, saying in a round about fashion that he is not needed.

    This world is a gonna, there is nothing really forward to as the holiday period is over and everything is going downhill rapidly. Sure, you can savour and enjoy the odd things here and there but this idea about thinking positive in the midst of a world that has a serious cancer is diabolical. The problems are that people are in serious denial, do not want to face up to the problems in the world and want to continue playing and delude themselves into thinking that so called “experts” are dealing with the world’s problems and have it all in hand………….er well evidently not ,as the excrement has really hit the fan now.

    This can be reversed if people would just come out of sleep mode, admit we have problems in the world and gear up. Admitting that the world has problems would be half the problems solved. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing this diabolic system crashing which has brought so much misery to billions. Man’s system is coming to an end and God is going to implement his system which will be fair to all people and last forever. Man has proven many a time over that he just simply cannot run this place called Earth.

  34. @ verbs,

    What preparations have you made yourself? You know what, the last time i heard someone speak like you are, was when the year 2000 was approaching. I was in uganda( where there’s no cctv by the way) and there were these xtians who preached that the world was coming to an end, so they locked themselves in a church and burnt themselves to death after selling all their property. But the world is still on going and the same. Life has to go on. I refuse to live in fear verbs.

  35. But the last time you heard this, the currencies of the world were not systematically being devalued at the same time, the last time you heard this major stores that have been around for decades were still open and not going bust. The time you heard this the economy was relatively stable. The last time you heard this the threat of nuclear war wasn’t so much on the brim.

    These christians that burnt themselves to death in a church, could you please point out to me the scripture that commanded them to do that as a last resort or to do that period?

    I do not live in fear either Lati, but there is no excuse not to research and find out what is going on and to prepare for it. How to you prepare? Repent of your sins and turn from your own ways and follow the ways of God. At least then if you cannot afford storable foods, gold, silver or guns, at least you know that God knows your personal position and will feed you and protect you. Do your best and let God take care of the rest. However, ignorance will be man’s greatest downfall. Woe unto that man. Read Genesis 19, pay attention to the 14th verse and tell me that is not you in relation to the information that I am bringing you?

  36. Verbs, i do not know what to say any more honestly. I am hoping that all this was just for the debate and that’s not how you live. That’s all i can say. Why does everything have to be according to the scriptures?

  37. Well, when your supermarkets are empty, the food riots start, your currency gets debased, the banks shut their doors and refuse to allow you to withdraw your money(Argentina 2000, Brazil 2002) and the army rolls out onto your streets and start shooting at people rather than helping them(New Orleans), then just maybe you might take the bible that fortold of these events to come along time ago, seriously.

    However it seems that those who cannot hear must feel. I agree with you Lati, I don’t know what to say to you either other than hold on tight, the ride is about to get rough. Everything has to be about scripture because scripture has proved itself to be accurate at a track record of 100%.

  38. Thanks for the respose Verbs,

    But you never managed to come out of ‘what the problem is mode’ and there lies the problem…I asked for what the real world future holds in Gods Kingdom more or less and was left with more prophecy and chastising and nothing simpy stated in laymans terms: What kind of TV I could to view? What would music be like? WIll disease be eradicated?What would the education system instill? What kind of jobs would be available if at all seeing as we’d be living in paradise etc..

    I mean, nice as an old piece of renaissance art is depicting heaven as sitting on a cloud looking upwards at The Lord in a white flowing gown, I WOULD miss my jeans and I’m not good with see


    “I’ve given you links to articles in which they clearly point out that this depression is going to be worse that the 1930’s depression, and for many reasons. I am relaxed, Im just warning people what is to come. This idea of false security and the world continuing perpetually is a fallacy. The very economy which we thought was an iron horse has crashed and we thought that was going to go on for ever.”

    Well anyone who reads up on history could have told you that…it’s not really an exclusive.

    All these links that you refer to online are as reliable as the people who upload the content worldwide, so why in one breath say to trust in only Gods word (the Bible) and then trust in mans when it supports particular aspects of your theory….

    For all the above reasons..I’M OUT Dragons den stylee

  39. @ Reclaiming

    A simple answer to your question is God’s Kingdom will operate in the opposite direction to what we have today. To go through every minor detail would take a decade so I will address the 3 topics that you brought up.

    1. There will be no tv, you won’t need it. Plus the television is a tool used by the elite to hypnotise and put you into a trance. Film your television for about 20 seconds with a video camera/phone and play it back. Those lines that you see descending down the screen are operating on the same frequency as your brain. This enables the folks who churn out programs to bypass your conscious and go into your sub conscious without being vetted and properly analysed. That’s why they are called PROGRAMS sir, they alter the way you think.

    2. Music will be clean, wholesome and righteous. Different music genres will still be in existence, what particular ones remains to be seen.

    3. There will be no diseases.

    As for the articles, keep on living in denial sir, this is why we are in this mess, people so badly want to believe that everything is fine and that somebody else will take care of the world’s issues. The links I gave you were MAINSTREAM NEWS CLIPS sir. Perhaps you would like to take up the issues brought up with BBC news or MSNBC?

    Even when the army comes to your house and carts you away to a concentration camp, you will still be shouting “its a conspiracy theory”. Keep living in denial sir, keep living in denial.

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