Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri talks about his current ‘non-existant’ relationship with Universal Music Group President L.A Reid.

Dupri was recently fired as President of Island Records Urban Music division.  

Via Essence

ESSENCE.COM: Was it an amicable parting?

DUPRI: I haven’t spoken to L.A. [Reid] in three months. I don’t know if it’s amicable [considering] that they claim they put me out. I feel like it’s not amicable. Don’t lie, be real about the situation. It goes back to their having the attitude of let’s try and do something that’s going to hurt this person, because if it hurts us we have nowhere to go after this, but he does and has at least another 20 more years in this business. Again, if L.A. [Reid] gets fired, there will be at least another ten people who will also get fired and we’ll never see them again. Def Jam is like one big clique.

ESSENCE.COM: Although it’s been three months since you’ve spoken to L.A. Reid, would you be open to reconciliation?

DUPRI: I don’t know. I saw a side of him that I had never seen before and that to me was a jealous side. I don’t know if I should be around people who are jealous of me. Mariah Carey sold more records in that entire Def Jam building and all of that was through my singles; so I’m looking like the golden boy. I only started thinking about it after I left.

I am having a hard time believing that L.A Reid was jealous of him.

The reality is that Jermaine under performed as an executive (e.g.  the  Janet Jackson project / new artists that he discovered via YouTube who surprise surprise failed to blow up) and that is why they let him go. 

Island Records/Def Jam has wasted enough money and is practically on it’s knees as it is. 

Why bother to continue shelling out huge salaries on individuals who lack real executive experience and who fail to bring in results?

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  1. Although LA did mess up Discipline. The whole fascination he had with “Can’t Be Good”, “Luv” should have been a hit.

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