That Bitch over at Rhymes With Snitch reports that Kanye West threw a listening party for his forthcoming album ‘808s And Heartbreak’ and guests were left stunned when they entered and saw a host of naked models just lounging around inside the venue.

She goes on to report…

Those in attendance say the music started playing with no introduction or explanation of the naked girls, and at the end ‘Ye came out and berated the crowd telling them, “These are pieces of real life that I’m putting out for people to judge. It’s from my heart. I don’t give a f**k if someone rates it ‘hot’ or ‘not.’ I’m here to bring positivity that cannot be judged. It’s like judging a grandmother’s love and someone says ‘Your grandmother gets two and a half mics.’ Or, ‘You grandmother didn’t sell a million the first week.”

Click here to view more pics…

Kanye is turning in to one big pretentious twat!

Take a break away from the spotlight Kanye because you are seriously losing it!

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  1. its funny cos the next single is much better than this love lockdown!!
    i like the video i like how he makes black people look interesting .. the images, the vision is second to none!!!
    but we are seeing the kanye ( i dont give shit and i cant be told )west
    and its gonna be this way for a while….
    i get what he’s doing but he has a way of making you love him one day and hating him the next!!!
    now thats a skill!!!

  2. i’m never bothered by his shenanigans, its predictable now and his outburts are funny to me. dont take him seriously.

    I cant wait to see him live though, musically I’m a fan.

  3. I used to think his outbursts and off the wall shenanigans were funny too. Tongue and cheek. But something seems different this time around….

    Don’t be surprised if months from now it’s reported that Kanye’s been checked in to a psychiatric facility. I’m not even joking about that. I think that he is deteriorating mentally and physically right in front of our very eyes.

    After his mother’s tragic passing he just threw himself in to his work, he never took any time off for himself or to grieve privately, just continued touring etc. I think that underneath it all he is stressed, and severly depressed.

  4. well I’ll be watching hoping he pulls through these times, and comes out the other side, but I’m not sure… where’s his big brother now??

  5. I think psychiatric facility is jumping the gun.
    He’s not crazy. he seems to materialise he’s weird imagination and vision that maybe should stay as a passing thought.

    People deal with loss in strange ways as long as u accept the person is not physically here and to move on you are cool and on a road to good health. And that has been evident so I doubt he is more than naturally depressed given the circumstances.

  6. i hope it doesnt happen, i do think he should’ve taken some time off after his mother’s passing.

  7. I do too for respect if nothing else. It would give him time to reflect. You can’t put plaster on certain wounds. Unless he’s stronger in spirit that I’m giving him credit for!!

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