When I first heard this track today I thought hmmmmm, I like the production and I like the singing towards the end courtesy of new artist on the scene Kid Cudi, but Jim messed up badly. It hurt me to admit it – I mean that’s my Jim Jim, but I felt that what he attempted to bring to this track flopped.

BUT then I listened again and I now know that I was wrong. Jim has a unique and mesmerizing singing voice, reminiscent of a young Al Green.  It really does complement the track.

The man is one hell of a sexy genius….

Your thoughts please……

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  1. The original has been hot for months and in just over a minute your jim jim ruins it. Janice have words please.

  2. nice!!!!! lol

    all im saying is pharrell always looks like he’s had a wash and put on clea clothes. as for jim……

  3. damn, going at Jim Hard huh??… Janice – Inner Ne-yo, u know about the gay rappers right?? lol

  4. pls Janice, hehe… I ain’t gonna Lie, I do like Jimmy (NO not like that – No Homo!) he is very funny and in his own way interesting on screen, interviews etc etc…

    but ne-yo is def suspect!

  5. @Nemat

    Ok the scraves on head business, is admittedly FOOLISH! But it’s just Jim attempting something new, working his inner fashionista. Leave him be!

    @ Fr

    I don’t know about Ne-Yo… for some reason I don’t really get that vibe from him.

    @The Real NV

    Janice in wonderland – LMAO!!!!

  6. you what Janice, I popped over to bossip today and caught a pic of Ne-yo with some chick that really erm how can I say, basically it wasn’t a good look, but I hear that about NE YO, it think all that talk is rumors…

    damn they can do a brother harm indeed!

    oh the video is nuts, got got a chance to actually watch it, and played it a good few times, I love it, what is a track, a video, film coming out soon???

    I hope it’s for a film the ending looked very artistic…

    heres hoping!

  7. Ness – I downloaded his [Kid Cudi] mixtape last night, quality, good music, the first track he sounded like he had copied ‘Ye’s style, but then maybe there is something there??

    The original Day n Night is solid, but Jones does bring a little something to it, would have been massive if he still had Max B with him, ahh well!

    ohhh… cope the mixtape, there are a good few tracks that make it more than worth a listen… Kid Cudi is the new KFC!

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