I am sitting here watching the awards ceremony right now.

So far….. 

Mel B and Rev Run are doing a decent job of hosting the ceremony. They have good chemistry.

John Legend opened the show. His performance was surprisingly weak and he was failing to hit the high notes.

Estelle won Best UK Female. Congratulations! But her dress looked like it was designed by Tina Knowles and she has now developed an annoying transatlantic twang.

Leona Lewis won Best Album (‘Spirit’). She wasn’t there to collect her award and was subsequently booed for not being there (why??? The woman’s working overseas).

Lil Wayne won Best Hip Hop Artist. He initially received cheers from the audience and was then booed because he also failed to collect his award in person. But UK artist Jay Sean was there to collect the award on his behalf. 

*Others who failed to collect their awards – Dizzee Rascal, Chris Brown and Mavado….*  

Flo-Rida is now on stage performing…. is he miming?

Tim ‘Big Dawg’ Westwood has won Best DJ. He was booed (as usual) and his response to that was “don’t boo me I’m here to pick up my f**king award”. LMAO!!!!

Actor/writer/director Noel Clarke has just walked on to the stage to present the BeMobo award, looking and sounding like some Dallas Fried Chicken eating road man, wearing ridiculous dark shades. What was that all about Noel? You’re over 30!

Jay Sean has just revealed that he has signed to Baby’s/Lil Wayne’s label Cash Money Records. I hope he has a large vat filled with vaseline! He is going to need it! And how exactly does Baby intend to promote an artist like Jay Sean??? This is a very strange union……

1Xtra’s resident Hip Hop DJ Semtex is on stage now. He doesn’t look or sound well at all.

John Legend and Estelle duet… hmmmm the whining down on each other looked awkward.  

Legendary record label Motown Records received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Former Supreme Mary Wilson collected the award and then proceeded to sing a BAD version of ‘Stop (In The Name Of Love) with the Sugababes. The Sugababes sounded good, their harmonies were on point. Mary on the otherhand sounded AWFUL! Now I know why Diana Ross was chosen to sing lead in the Supremes.

Mary is now singing solo and a choir has just joined her on stage. 

The woman sounds like a tone deaf karaoke singer.    

Mary closes the show. It is now over! 

I will post the full list of winners tomorrow.

Host Mel B  

Singer Alesha Dixon

80s singing superstar Billy Ocean



Photographs: WireImage/Ferdaus Shamim

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  1. Billy Ocean? Is that really you?

    Lookin good. You look like sugar cane eatin’ granfadda.

    Love the locs!

  2. I went to the MOBO’s and Leona Lewis got the loudest boos not because she didn’t turn up (That was only part of the reason)… She got the loudest boo because young black people who were in the crowd were the people who voted for her on Xfactor and she has turned her back on the UK…She’s now only interested in America. The crowd felt that she owed it to us to be there. Estelle was in the middle of tour with the GCH in America and she flew in, Mel B lives in LA and is one of the biggest stars in the USA @ the mo and she managed to host the event…. Never really like Leona anyway but her continuing actions in not turning up for UK awards (Its not the first time) just confirms that I right not even bothering to downloading her sh!t.

  3. A lot of people left disappointed because nobody decided to turn up. Overall though, I think it was a satisfactory Mobos. I didn’t even realise Craig David and Tinchy were performing. They smacked it!
    Oh and check my blog if you want a second opinion on last night.

  4. So because she didn’t attend the awards show she’s now suddenly turning her back on the UK? Oh please… People need to get a grip.The plan for Leona Lewis is to break her music now in the US that’s why she is there hustling. That was the plan from the very beginning. So she didn’t show up to collect her MOBO, big deal. She probably had other commitments, like the other stars who failed to show. Leona doesn’t owe us a thing.

    Plus why waste a designer gown and plane fare on going to an always somewhat subdued Mobo’s when both can go towards an appearance at next year’s Grammys. (lol)

    As for Mel B being in attendence, well she was paid to host the event….

  5. I think they should go out of their way to attend. Let’s not forget that many of the people who paid to be there are also the same people who will pay (or not) for an album. They remember things like that.

    I know many could make it because they were on tour in the states etc but has anyone heard why Dizzee didn’t go?

  6. I said yesterday in another blog about mobo’s that I champion anyone to walk in Kanya Kings shoes, before we criticise the MOBO’s – i take that right back !!!. IT WAS CAR CRASH TV !!!

    Apart from Estelle & John Legend performances it was embarassing.

    I don’t undertand why ….

    1. Craig David reverted back to some historic ‘remixed’ garage track…
    2. Flo Rida – why ??? do we entertain these artistes. Poor poor choice.
    3. Mary Wilson cannot be serious about doing a tour. The performance was awful !!! and the outfit…. the lace skirt – WTF???
    4. The hosts were good – but to keep on plugging their products was nothing but desperate.
    5. Jay Sean’s performance was sooo 2001. No f-kg orginality.

    6. Finally Tim Weswood – looking like he just climbed out of bed – with his creased up oversized shirt. I have never seen that fool looking sharp.

    ‘What a wake up call all those booos were for him. On the way to collect his award he looked scared. He probs thought someone was going to chuck a bottle in his head, poor ting.

    I laughed my ass of when he said…” I’M THE MAN IN TOWN’….. oh please sharrup !!!

    I don’t think Kanya should give up, she needs a whole different team behind her to wake the MOBO’s up. It has to get better, cos it can’t get any worse. We went from prime time tv to a late night slot on BBC3.

    Oh dear !!! back to the drawing board………. 😦

  7. Lol @ Agnes Kuye

    There were so many cringe worthy moments, that I had to change the channel on more than one occassion.
    Did anyone notice members of the audience leaving as soon as Mary Wilson began to close the show? lool

  8. I switched channels during the middle of Noel Clarke’s presentation bit, and Kanya’s bit……

    I also switched channels when Sinitta attempted to make an acceptance speech on an absent Leona Lewis’ behalf and was drowned out by boos. LOL.

    I had to…

  9. Miss Mad News- I’m only telling you why the boos were so loud and so intense everytime Leona’s name was mentioned! No need to be rude! She seems to always not be there when its a UK award ceremony. People feel that they put her there, so she should at least give soummink back. Estelle showed/shows that you can be in the US and still represent the UK. The TV version didn’t show how bad the booing was for Leona in Sunitta’s speech, you couldn’t even hear wot was being said and as for Tim Westwood… It took guts to come out on stage and do a speech while getting booed…again.

  10. I understand the audiences frustration. ButI doubt Leona will lose much sleep over it.I wouldn’t. My focus would be on attending the US awards shows and mingling/flirting with some hot artists and industry folk. Lol.

    As for Tim. He thrives off the hate lol.

  11. I only paid £20 for my ticket. I would have been p!ssed off if I paid anymore and I was pretty close to the stage, so it was a good night for the money! One more thing… Kanya mentioned a boy called Daniel de Gale (RIP. You are surely missed) …Please donate blood and bone marrow (Especially black and asians!) Sorry to put a downer on the comments but Daniel’s life was prolonged a bit longer because he managed to get a donor…
    Please google his name to see what a fantastic person he was :0)

  12. Damn you Aunt Beeb for censoring all the boos! What happened to free speech? I actually heard the whole Sinita [or whatever] speech, when did she discover Lewis?

  13. @ Adaobi’s comment re Lagbaja ha ha ha ahaha ha aha ah ha ha

    Abi ohhh. I knwo Gracey’s weird and wonderful, but there comes a time lol

    Annnddd re Sinita – I thought that, when she said ” When me and Simon discovered Leona Lewis”. lol. I remember seeing the X factor when she was on it, they didn’t discover jack.

  14. You know the whole time I was watching the mobo’s all I could think about was ranting about it on here, and reading miss madnews views… and here is why… “[Noel Clarke] looking and sounding like some Dallas Fried Chicken eating road man, wearing ridiculous dark shades. What was that all about Noel? You’re over 30!”

    ahahahahahhahahahahahahahah, LMFAO!!! over 30 you know hehe and do you know how bad dallas chicken is, not even cottage chicken ahahah…….

    ahhh boi, but for real, for real, the mobo’s needs a revamp!!! the performances were poor, am I the only one who doesn’t want to hear craig david or see him again, ever!!!…titchy stryder is large, estelle did her thing, john legend was off key and pretty poor, jay sean will probably do really well, and marketed right will make baby a lot more dough, but humm vaseline…well enough said there!


    I understand that money plays a big part, with backing and funding, then the whole show is limited, but they need to get the people back on there side ASAP!!!!

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