According to Gyant over at Nelly’s latest album ‘Brass Knuckles’ is about to bomb.

A Universal source disclosed the following information.

 “The estimate as of today is around 43k copies sold in the United States.”

When I think about Nelly’s past astronomical first week sales, and then look at the first week sales figure above for his fourth album I feel to weep for him. 

Sign of the times I guess….

However I can’t say I’m surprised. The singles released so far from ‘Brass Knuckles’ have all failed to create a buzz. I mean there was more buzz when it was announced that Nelly would be the new spokesmodel for Sean John underwear.

People are interested in seeing his hard buttocks, his package and pecks, but no longer want to hear his music it seems.

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  1. C’mon boy just shake that booty. Has anyone seen the cover for Brass Knuckles? That’s a Playgirl centrefold waiting to happen.

  2. This fool has never made a quality album so this is not surprising. His new song with Akon and Ashanti is some straight garbage! The only thing he has going for him is his body.

  3. there are plenty of male strip clubs who will gladly hire him. I’ll be there making it rain with my 10p coins.

  4. yeah your right it’s not like he’s totally talentless…, just from what I’m reading seems like he’d make a better career selling his body than vocal abilities or acting…

  5. for those of u that don’t like his album thats ok but for you to make suggestions on .what this man should do for a career wow what do you guys do???? I am forty nine years old I like the album for the most part . but I don’t have any right telling this man what he should do for a career because the truth of the matter is I should probably be doing something different. My point yes he is in the public eye and I know he is a big Man but he is human . he got a bad one so u say it happens I wish him nothing but the best in all he do, May GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS HIM

  6. all u guyz r jus chatting bullocks especially Dc’s finest or watever u call urself..nelly brought a new sound to hip hop openeing the doors to many atrtist today..its jus bad timing..he left it to long to release this album..look at lil wayne for xample..all his albums b4 the carter 3 was shit,but now his doing it big…usher is also another xample he is very talented but how do u xplain his current album not living up to xpectations??i mean nelly has won 3 grammys so hehas proved his worth o.k…so stop hating i piece off

  7. i have to admitt it tho..hearing the album i was dissapointed…but he jus gotr it all wrong and knowing the talent he’ll definayely bounce back big..he’s past records shows he can do it and i’m sure its not hard to catch up also..

  8. @Bammy

    Listen people are entitled to express an opinion on here without attacking others in the process! Who are you to tell them that they are “hating” and are chatting bullocks”? You need to get a blasted grip of yourself.

    If you don’t agree with what others have said on here then say so in a respectful manner. We don’t do disrespectful over here!

    Yes we are all well aware of what Nelly achieved in the past, but this time around the music featured on the album wasn’t very good which also caused it’s failure, as well as him being away for far to long – people lost interest.

    Usher/Wayne – this post isn’t about them. But again Usher’s tracks weren’t that strong this time around and Wayne has the young vote.

    As for Nelly proving his worth… yeah he proved himself then, but this is now!

  9. i think the album is pretty good. i listen to it all the time. i love this dude. Stepped on my J’s is freaking amazing. and Who fucks wit Me is just killer…buried at the end of the album. I think he really hit it on certain tracks…others, not so much. and yeah, the cover is good. I’m striving for his body. I’ll get there someday.

  10. All u ppl h8ing on Nelly shld shut d hell up.. D guy is making more money than any of you can ever make.. Dnt H8 just appreciate.. The Album was good.. Its just that ppeople dnt buy albums nowadays.. dey all download…

  11. I like his stuff, old and new. The music industry corrupt, they build people up and knock them down when they dont play ball. Stop slagging Nelly off!

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