Juelz Santana a long with his fellow Dipset brethren (sadly my Jim Jim wasn’t there) performed at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Sunday (August 31st), and rumour has it, he was robbed.

According to sources the Harlem rapper’s jewellery was stolen over the weekend, and it was revenge for shafting several promoters out of 70k in the past. Click here to read more…..

it’s rough out here……



In an statement to AllHipHop.com, Juelz Santana revealed details about the incident, which took place as the rapper was preparing for a show at the Sheperd Busch Empire in London on Sunday (August 31).

“Bottom line, my former Manager along with an ex group member (no specific names mentioned due to the “No Snitching” rule) accepted an astronomical amount of money for a paid date that never happened or was ever brought to my knowledge,” Juelz Santana told AllHipHop.com. “I was NOT robbed. My staff and I were kicked out of our original hotel for the commotion.”

Despite working out his outstanding differences with the promoter, the two shows in the United Kingdom were canceled as a result of the altercation.

 “The London and Wolverhampton shows were canceled by the UK Police minutes before show time due to the hotel commotion and the Police’s inability to handle the turn out,” added Santana’s publicist Lynn Hobson, who witnessed the chaos.

Other than the two canceled shows in the United Kingdom, Juelz Santana, JR Writer and Skull Gang members Richmond Rab and DJ Tobb Cobain completed a successful tour of Europe, which included stops in Amsterdam; Rotterdam; Sweden; Switzerland and Norway (Trondheim, Bergen, and Oslo).  (Source)

They performed in other parts of Europe and things went smoothly without incident. They visit these shores and encounter this breed of foolishness. Plus the fans who forked out money to see them perform, and the UK support acts had to miss out because idiot London boy ‘promoters’ (well done you A-holes!!!) felt like they had something to prove, and decided to run up in to a hotel like a hurd of blasted elephants to settle an old score. 

Why didn’t they just sue his management at the time when they realised they had been shafted out of 70k?


Juelz – “Bottom line, my former Manager along with an ex group member (no specific names mentioned due to the “No Snitching” rule) accepted an astronomical amount of money for a paid date that never happened or was ever brought to my knowledge,”

It does not take a genius to figure out who those individuals are……

And taking in to account Juelz’s history within the industry (folk have taken major liberties with him and his career in the past), his explanation does sound plausible.

Juelz gives Miss Info the low down – Listen

Who in their right mind just hands over 70k like that???

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  1. farealll i was at the concert – waiting

    Why do people have to kill the vibe? He was visiting to perform, do his job aND sum lowlifes with nothing better to do. You damn well know juelz did not take your money, or else why would he return here, dats mad disrespectful

    Hopefully this rumour ain’t even tru

  2. Too them boys already, it ain’t at all nice over here son… you can get wrapped u know….LOL!!!!!

    next time leave the jewels at home Juelz!

  3. Since I can’t remember all those internet acronyms, all I can do is snicker like Muttley……Ok, I’ll try to be compassion – Eyaaa, ndo-o Juelz, biko no cry-o. Oya use that handkerchief way dey for head.

  4. Apparently there’s video footage and pictures….

    People here are so desperate to prove something. Oh we have to show the American’s that we are just as bad and just as “gangsta”. It’s rough out here, we so ghetto”. *kissin teet* Pure foolishness.

    From what I understand it was his management at the time who ran off with the money. Chances are he might not have known anything about it.

  5. i doubt that highly!!
    but i hear ya
    to be honest janice..
    people been doing stuff like this for years…
    ( and i’m not talking about grabbing chains or roughing up artists) WORSE…
    like bullying the promoters
    most promoters have to pay someone to keep the peace in certain areas…

    juelz had got to thank the lord and his lucky stars he was’nt in manchester
    believe me!!

  6. your saying he would get ripped to shreads, but you dumb f**ks don’t understand HE DID NOT DO NOTHING. Every1 know Juelz was not like running dipset back then Cam n Jimmy were dominating it more he was just a member, and he’s a nice guy. You guy’s just sound like mad hataz, Y you boasting about LONDON AND UK, cuz they move up 1 guy, F**K DAT, I’m from LONDON and I paid to see him at shepherds bush and if the concert was missed under these circumstances, F**K THEM GUYS, was not worth it, if u wana just talk to juelz don’t try intimidate no1 , at the end of the day that’s disrespectful he wasn’t the 1 dat took ur cash. FULL STOP. He came to show love to his fans in London, and you guys f**ked it up…..for what…to create a buzz…dumb prix

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