A long with various other blogs/websites I posted T-Baby’s video/track, ‘It’s So Cold In the D’ several days ago, and since then it’s generated close to 300,000 views on You Tube.

This truly appalling track is infectious!!! I caught my self humming the tune while out shopping the other day, and everyone seems to be talking about it online.

I believe that T-Baby’s call to “Stop The Violence” in Detroit is about to become a world wide number 1 smash. 

Her friend standing to her right jigging up and down, and sticking out her bottom lip kills me everytime! LMAO!!!

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  1. ok .. two things…
    is it me or does it go out of time with itself… and second is that science from big brother in the red cap at theend..
    i’m just saying!!
    if little wayne can go platinum then this deserves to go gold!!!!!!!!

  2. Well spotted Ty, that is defo Science’s twin lol !!!

    The car scene really does me in, where’s nodding her head for two seconds – 0.54, with absolutely no expression what so ever. CLASSIC !!!

  3. You do realize, don’t you… that this is NOT a hit because it’s good. It’s been linked everywhere on the internet for being absolutely laughable.

  4. Shes on to something special here…when you think of it she was paying tribute to the fallen in her circle. It seems that the Angels looked down on her with sincere thanks. I truly think T Baby may be deal bound very soon. Nationally she received spins and tons of press so it’s time for the Remix!

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