Internet users will be able to choose their favourite nun from photographs.

An Italian priest says he is organising the world’s first beauty pageant for nuns to erase a stereotype of them as being old and dour.

Antonio Rungi says The Miss Sister Italy online contest will start on his blog in September.

“Nuns are above all women and beauty is a gift from God,” he told Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper.

He is asking nuns to send their photos to him, saying that internet users will then choose the winner. Continue Reading….


Priest Antonio Rungi has now decided to suspend this project claiming that he was misinterpreted and had no intention of putting nuns on the catwalk. Rungi went on to say, “My superiors were not happy. The bishop was not happy, but they did not understand me either”.


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  1. I guess they are trying to make nuns seem like everyday people, just not sure about the dudes M.O.????…just why, ?

  2. Nonetheless, it is being called a beauty pageant; meaning parading them based on their beauty. Besides, the fact that one wouldn’t put priests up for the same purpose to see who is more innocently beautiful – sexism, in one of its more negative forms, still applies here.

    The very fact that this article exists also seems to attack those who are old…and if the message of beauty is not skin deep, then the priest seems to be lost here. It shouldn’t make a difference whether nuns are young or old; it’s their service to God and their parishioners that counts.

    Although I understand a desire by the church to promote Catholicism, and have people return to the church; like bingo – we shouldn’t break God’s guidance in doing so.


  3. Kanye west in the headphones…..ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaa, did u actually visualise that one Ty, thats some comical shhhhhh!

  4. That priest should have been defrock for promoting vanity.
    I’m not surprise because these days the church is been treated as a secular corporation instead of a place of worship.

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