Well I like the video.

T-Pain sounds his usual self, and as for Lil Wayne… he needs a fist rammed down his blasted throat. I still fail to understand why people think he is the best thing since sliced bread…….

Pure stupidness *kissing teet long and hard*

Your thoughts please…..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. ” brought you hear to have some conversation, baby really think you need some ventilation”……… Oh dear !!!

    and these are top selling artistes supported by the masses. I didn’t even get to Lil ET’s bit, it’s too painful.

  2. if you look carefullly … real close…
    forget that you know them ..
    or that you recognise them ..
    what you will see when you look at the screen ..
    … sorry to say it .. but it is what it is .. minstrels !!!

  3. @ TY lo…..verrrrrrrrrrrrry l

    If you go on to google click ‘images’ and search minstrels, you are so not wrong lol lol lol lol lol

  4. This song is the shit in the club though! And its really catchy. I find myself singing while bathing my son and cleaning my house. T-Pain can do not wrong in my book. He comes up with the catchiest hooks man. He’s hard to look at but I think he’s talented.

  5. @ DCs Finests… “He’ hard to look at but I think he’s talented.” … LOL !!!

    It’s just farrrrr toooo many gimmicks. Less is more !!!
    If you get a budget for a video, you don’t have to spend all of it.

  6. minstrels… look it up!!!!!!!!!
    this is the closest ive seen to it
    ………. were going back to the future and even micheal j fox doesnt wanna go!!!
    oh take me now.. i’m finished with this sadness!!!
    take me lord.. can i press reset!!!
    i wanna live on a different planet!!!!!…..

  7. I respect the Mad News fam and don’t want to get personal but DCS finest- you singing this to your son?

    My god, I truly despair! My dad used to sing Marvin,Stevie, Ken Boothe, Bob, Isaac, Minnie Riperton, Carly Simon, Fela, Lionel the list goes on

    I think that his records were the making of me, but hey it’s a new world we’re in….no disrespect but i think being raised on this is pretty damn worrying.

    I accept all cussing from you sir if i have offended but I couldn’t button my thoughts there.x

  8. No I’m not singing it to him. I might catch myself humming it cause it gets stuck in my head if I hear it on the radio but Im not at home singing the words to my son. We listen to all types of music in my home cause that is how I grew up. Listening to Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Diana Ross, Ella Fitzgerald…I could go on forever but my mother played everything and I was exposed to all types of music at a young age. But again, no I don’t sing T-Pain to my son and no you didn’t offend me at all.

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