A Def Jam source has informed resident writer Gyant, that the head of Island Record’s Urban Division, Jermaine Dupri is about to be given his marching orders!

Gyant writes:

“After several failed projects, which includes Janet Jackson’s Discipline, Mariah Carey’s E=MC2 and Johnta Austin’s permanently shelved project it looks like the powers that be have had enough and JD’s time as head of Island Records’ urban division has come to an end.

I am being told that JD’s termination papers were being drafted this afternoon.”

Well if this is in fact true, I can’t say I’m surprised! Not one bit! It’s Virgin Records all over again.

And Is Mariah’s latest album (E=MC2) now considered a flop?

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  1. It looks like Jermaine Dupri is catching hell. He must have done something f**ked up. S**t comes back to you! I think he tried to ruin Janet’s career and what CEO in his right mind is going to pit Mariah and Janet against each other and try to produce them both? They are the franchise; they are supposed to help each other. Am I right?

  2. it seems everyone has forgotten mariah first album with mariah what did that do about 3 or 4 million albums or did anyone forget criss cross,tha brat,hell bow wow who can sell a million albums with judt 1 single and let us not forget he has janet jackson on his arm. i mean jay-z come back album was no where near what he is capable of

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