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  1. I can’t wait for this dudes time to be up, surely it can’t be long, I’m getting sick of seeing his face!

  2. This cover actually made me laugh out loud when I walked by. I’ve never seen anything less intimidating than Lil W dressed up as an astronaut. Was XXL trying to make him look pathetic?! Just put him in a clown suit next time.

    PS the fact that the “suit” has baggy pants was the icing on the cake… lol.

  3. its funny to see all the haters leavings comments. If i havent said it before. who do you know got 75 greatest songs in 2007. And he sold a millions on the carter 3. Yall just aint gonna be satisfied til there aint no one to critize left standing….
    p.s (dont quit yo day jobs!)

  4. can we do a little contest only 4 people in this contest(if u replace the people with inchs and divide by 0 thats the size of lil wayne’s….)
    Biggie(one of the nicest rappers of all time)vs Lil wayne
    Lil wayne destroyed
    Nas vs Lil Wayne
    Nas rapes him
    2pac vs Lilwayne
    LOL No contest
    Lil Wayne while i have to admit used to be good sucks now he has the nerve to call himself the best rapper alive like Janice said he must be the only one living

  5. man these niggas som haters man who else do u c on the cover of over 23 covers not gucci not ti dawn sho not flocka so stop haten on dis man he get money while u talkn shit

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