Javine Hylton and Harvey

Oh dear..oh dear! Trouble in paradise already? Awwww say it ain’t so!!!

According to The Daily Mirror all isn’t well in the Javine and Harvey household…… 

MC Harvey was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to his girlfriend and threatening to kill her, it emerged last night.

Singer Javine called police after a row with the So Solid Crew rapper, 29, during which she threw his clothes out of their home in Dollis Hill, London.

Police said: “On July 30 a 29-year-old man was cautioned for an allegation of common assault.”

Harvey’s ex-wife/Strictly Come Dancing winner singer Alesha Dixon

Harvey left his wife, Strictly Come Dancing winner Alesha Dixon, for Javine, 26. She gave birth to their daughter Angel in February. (Source)

[Thanks for link Agnes]

Well as my loyal visitor Agnes so eloquently puts it, “Javine is nasty (lol), and this relationship was never going to last because it was built on deceit”.

It’s only going to be a matter of time before this relationship completely collapses. When you embark on an affair with a married man who then ultimately leaves his wife for you, chances are he will start to play away from home, treat you like dirt,  and will eventually also leave you for another woman.

Alesha Dixon must be laughing her arse off right now, and who would blame her?

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  1. I got this one janice lol !!!

    I don’t condone violence in any relationship, but for the principal of how Javine/Harvey’s relationship came about , I say GOOD !!!

    Next time Javine embarks on a new a relationship ………..
    1. perhaps she should wait until she’s finished the present one first and
    2. preferably not with her friends husband.

    These things will always come back round to bite you in the arse.

    For all those people who have previously said everyone has skeletons in their closet, they’ve moved on, congrats to the happy couple

  2. I don’t think Alesha is laughing, she has better things to do with her life than that, I hope, she seems to have moved on and to think so should we…NEXT…>>>

    Ps… we don’t know the ins and outs of the story, like i trust the daily mirror to tell it how it was, no addons and no deleyions pls people, as much as I agree to the quote that…A RELATIONSHIP BASED ON DECEIT WILL NEVER LAST…. and this being some sort of proove, still it’s not good to see our fellow pwoplw being dragged through the muk, Not good at all!

    both talented too, who made a terrible decision and now have to life with that, come on now, give them a rest!

  3. Preach Agnes. If he really did threaten Javin with a knife the for child’s sake she should leave.

  4. I get ya FR…UKid, cos i know the papers can talk shit and make up lies in abundance, thats very true.

    But it was FACT !!! not FICTION !!! that Javine was caught in bed with Harvey, by her then boyfriend…. and thats where I was coming from.

    I’ve let it go now lol !!! Let them move on in peace, sincerely.

  5. Agnes, that whole situation from a ladies stand point must just seem soooo foul, and it ain’t no better from a mans view point, getting caught in bed, with ya friends HUSBAND by you BOYfriend…. ooohhhhhh scandoulous LOL, believe I was all for the verbal stoning, I had p’ear stones in my hand hehe… So hear I what ya saying also, now with this story, ima take it with a pinch of salt we both know how the british media get down, – always nice to reason.


  6. 2 be fair everyone is human…i dont think anyone should be laughing at anyone elses misfortune…”let thou who is without sin cast the first stone”

    but yes i totally agree with the point that when ur relationship is based on deceit it will fall, but unless any of us know the inside situation and all the ins and outs and politics, i dont see how anyone can sit and judge people when we dont know them.

    how do we know its even true? it might be a whole PR scam to get them some limelight!

    people love to watch others destruct, but its not so funny when it happens to you is it!

  7. I dont know why people feel sorry for these two aseholes, at the end of the day whether alisha was a shit wife or not it does not give harvey the right to cheat on her with her friend, if he wasnt happy he simply should of said im leaving as im not happy, but he wanted his coke i mean cake and eat it, i doubt Alisha would be laughing because it doesnt benfit her in anyway and i know for a fact she’s got things to do, i just dont understand what Javin thought would happen when she got with him cause she clearly didnt have a clue about him, his a thug and this is what they do shes lucky he didnt break her jaw, its the little girl i feel sorry for she has a loose mother and a thug for a dad. GOOD LUCK ANGLE DARLING

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