Remi Fakorede

A voodoo-obsessed mother who unveiled what she claimed was her baby daughter’s disembodied fingers during her trial has been convicted of a £1m benefit scam.

Remi Fakorede, 46, offered the three digits as macabre proof of a curse which led to her bank accounts being hijacked during the five-year tax credit scam.

The mother of six left at least one of the jurors in tears during her evidence when she pulled out the three fingers and police arrived to seize the surprise exhibits.

The stunt – which she had not even warned her barrister about – was slammed as ‘foolish’ by fuming trial judge Jacqueline Beech.

Fakorede, of King Edwards Road, South Hackney, risked the case – costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds – when she produced the fingers days from the end of the trial. Continue Reading….

Oh the SHAME!!!!

Worthless thieving woman.

And those three fingers…. WTF??? Who do those fingers really belong to?????

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  1. I am so proud to be oF Nigerian parentage, buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt when I hear stories like this, I just want to be Jamaican,……… just for a day, until I get over the EMBARASSMENT !!!

    What was she thinking !!!

  2. Thats all Good, but we Jamaicans have our shameful moments too…, Ross Kemp on gangs (jamaican one), Jamaica Hospital, … I’m trying to think of the latest news article linked to Yardie Crime, but can’t think of one, has it been that long, surely not? heres hoping huh!

  3. I am more worried about where those fingers came from. Should the authorities not want to know?

    And those of you that want to be Jamaicans becos of such stories; I’ll rather remain a proud Nigerian! Nigeria, my Nigeria; the greatest Black nation on Earth!!

  4. i think her juju man told her that if she brought out those finger in court, she would win the case, it sad to see how far people would go for money as far as sacrifing children for money

  5. Hum……people beware, you see what all these people can do becos of money?.It is so obvious that this one can kill anyone around her all becos of money. What a shame.She is such an heartless pig.
    Ayway sha, me im still proud to be a Nigerian nothing can take that away from me.

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