Police on Friday identified the man who witnesses say stabbed and beheaded a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus traveling across the Canadian Prairies.

Sgt. Brian Edmonds said that 40-year-old Vince Weiguang Li, of Edmonton, Alberta, has been charged with second degree murder. Li is due to appear in court Friday.

The Canadian Press reported that the victim’s friends identified him as Tim McLean, a 22-year-old carnival worker. Authorities have not released his name and Edmonds would not confirm his identity. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

A Facebook group page called “R.I.P. Tim” was started after news of the attack.

Witnesses said the victim was stabbed dozens of times in the apparently unprovoked attack Wednesday night aboard the bus as it traveled a desolate stretch of the TransCanada Highway about 12 miles from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

They said the attacker then severed his seat mate’s head, displayed it and then began cutting up the body as passengers fled in horror. Continue Reading….

Vince Weiguang Li must have some serious psychological issues, that, or he is just plain evil – rotton to the core.

Rest In Peace Tim Mclean.

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  1. This country makes me sick…why not just kill the bastard who did this??? Duh…dogs are killed for biting…and animals like this get away with murder? Doesn’t make sense to me…this government is so stupid!

  2. Can´t believe this story. so sad, so shocked. All of my thoughts are with his friends and family. Unbelievable. Rest in peace…

    /Johanna, Sweden

  3. “Vince Weiguang Li must have some serious psychological issues, that, or he is just plain evil – rotton to the core….”

    While that is an attempt to describe it, it doesn’t even come close. I can’t even begin to understand the mind of someone that has the capacity to do that to any living thing, let alone another human. I would describe the attacker as simply, the devil incarnate.

  4. This guy sure has some metal illness. Canada should have death penalty. So we can practice tighten law enforcement without worrying about more tax burden

  5. It is very unfortunate that at times like this the rcmp do not excercise their right to use their weapons and remove lice from society. I find the resources that are now being used to defend, house and “rehabiliatate’ this toxic waste to the world we live in a tragic waste. My philososphy is ” shoot them” …gone. Some mistakes can not be forgiven, this is a great example of waste on more than one level. What a shame.

  6. Bizzare,
    The guy is nuts, what made him do this thing? It was obviously planned, as he brought along the Rambo knife. We all have had the feeling of a frustration, but this was insane, how could he do this? As he didn’t get killed, I hope investigators can examine this guy, down to the last little detail. Even though we might wish the worst for this guy it is important to investigate “what went wrong in this man’s head”. Put him in Cat scanners, check his childhood, make him talk to shrinks (poor shrinks). We would get any benefit from getting this man killed, but if some professionals can take a look at just what went wrong in this man’s head we can learn from it, and by that prevent other simillar cases in the future.

  7. In my opinion, he’s just as psycho as the guy who shot 22 kids in Vtech last year. Must have lived his entire life inside his head: the introverted, asocial kinds. I don’t think he must have gotten on the bus with the intention to Kill as such, but somewhere along the line, he must have probably decided, on a impulse. I guess the so called target (god bless his heart), must have appeared easy, cos he was listening on a pair of headphones, was slightly built (5’4″, 130 i read). The ability to do this shows a deep mental problem in the guy.
    Required punishment: Kill him, eye for an eye preferably. don’t spend taxpayer money on a mental institution (I bet those lawyers will get him an insanity plea)

  8. Well folks, I do not consider myself to be racist in any way however I have an observation to share. Why is it that we are opening our borders up for anyone and everyone who wants to come to Canada? People want to escape all the violence and poverty going on in their own countries so Canada welcomes them…in doing so we also suggest that we change our traditions (ie:Christmas) because it makes our new guests uncomfortable going against their religious beliefs etc. We change laws so everyone has a voice and we become ultra sensitive to accept their home traditions (as we begin to loose ours). From afar they read about all of the horrible things continuing in thier countries as we feel safe here. Hmm…the point of my story is this: the more we accept here, as our new way of life, we begin to allow our world to be the one they are running from. We also need to realize that sick and twisted tragedies the one the world witnessed with Tim may soon become a reality as we grow desperately sensitive and willing to allowing persons from various countries to bring their believes and traditions here to Canada. This horrible event rocked everyone…but after awhile will we just become desensitized like many of us are when we hear the war efforts and the ridiculous number of sensless deaths? Nothing will rectify what has happened, no punishment will be appropriate. I am so very sad for Tim’s family, friends and the passengers.

  9. Let’s check back in on this story in 6, ok maybe 8mos and rest assured there will be a more horrific and even more gruesome attack that will grip all of us. It’s with great sadness that I sit here, compelled to write about this. From what I’ve read, the victim, was a friendly, outgoing, likable person that was happy living amongst the rest of us humans. Enter, the attacker, aka the “victim” as the criminal justice system will allow his defense counsel to paint him, who had absolutely zero regard for the human that sat just eight inches from him, trusting that he could sleep on a bus full of human passengers and not have to worry he was amongst a sick animal. I have no regard for the upcoming media reports and court transcripts of this animal’s background revealing unloving parents, school bullies, substance abuse, failed relationships, yada yada yada. The absolute tragedy was the undeniable fact someone, somewhere, knew this animal should not have been around people like you and I, people like Tim McLean….

  10. My heart goes out to Tim;s family,and I hope the idiot that did this will meet his match some day. Maybe put him in the population in jail and see how long he survives.Pass on the pshiciactric evaluation, the bastard has no right to see if he is fit for trial. Maybe put him on a firing line,not to kill him but to make him suffer !

  11. Why didn’t anyone on the bus do anything? There were over 30 other people who could have overpowered him. Instead, they all ran off the bus and allowed the guy to butcher this poor man. They should be ashamed.

  12. I have chills just thinking that someone would do such a thing. What I don’t get is after knowing that this crazy fool was left alone on the bus….RCMP called a negociator. Negociate what?…KILL THE SOB….

  13. Based on the news and video footage, there were many people on that bus that could’ve stopped this man from being brutally killed. I would agree with the earlier comment that the people on the bus should’ve done something! It’s also very scary to know that a killer can be sitting beside you on a Greyhound bus. All my prayers will be with Tim and his family. May he rest in peace.

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