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I hate it when individuals in the public eye think that they can try their hand at every and anything!

So your father was a member of one of the most influential group’s in Hip Hop. So your uncle’s the annoying Russell Simmons. So you were thrust in to the spotlight thanks to your scripted “reality” show. This doesn’t mean that you should now attempt to become an artist!

Angela luv who brain washed you in to thinking that you could rap/sing????


Your thoughts please…..

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  1. She’s not trying to be an artist. This was done for promotion of their Pastry collection. All of the shoes and clothing are in the video. She’s not planning to release an album or anything though.

  2. LOL well I hope you’re wrong cause I can deal with it being a promotional thing but if she tries to make a career out of this there will be problems!

  3. Ahhhhhhh Janice, easy na !!!, give her a chance…..

    Even if it was to be released as a single, I’d rather this bubblegum innocence, than the young girls making twats of themselves booty shaking etc and trying to grow up way too quick.

    Okay so the rap is shit, but at least they got clothes on, for a change lol…

  4. I agree with Agnes, I’d rather my little cousins listening to her than the pussycat dolls or soulja boy.

    Not bothered by this at all, I must be mellowing in my old age.

  5. Yall need to quit hating shes doing things that some people can’t and most of u are just hating. She a role model to kids and shes doing her thing big ups ANGELA.!!!!

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