Oh dear… this is really sad. Buck is distressed and emotional……..

50 do you make a habit of recording all your private telephone conversations with distressed and vulnerable employees???????  You WANKER!

Any way several days ago a video surfaced on the Internet featuring Young Buck shouting the words “f**k G-Unit” and then rantng about royalty cheques etc

Buck has been beefing with G-Unit/50 Cent for several months now, but seems to have had a change of heart and breaks down…….


The music industry is a sewer infested with vermin!

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  1. Like I said b4 “$100,000 in teeth & nuttin’ in d fridge”. So much 4 bein’ grown up, poor dude’s cryin’ his heart out & baby Bugsy’s takin’ d piss. This is some primary school ish.

  2. is that how loyall 50 is to his old crew… i thought they were homies. g unit for life an all that crap.. they only been apart for a minute and hes try to shut him down, what a shamefull way to do it, homie calls him for help and what he do.. records the conversation for the world to hear, not kool at all. whats next 50 happyslaps.

  3. 50 is corny!!! And I use to like his ass, Buck always was the hottest one of the G-Unit crew!!….. to me 50 acts like a big kid because he has money and controls alot of G-unit royaltys..but doing this tit for tat shit makes him a asshole!!! Every man makes mistakes!! at the end of the day Buck is still a man, like he said he was confused..I would be too! 0 should have looked out for his whole crew not just Yayo, even though that’s his boy…keep ya camp tight!!

  4. this fiddy niggah is pealing minutes off of his life, years at a time. this type of bitch shit is gonna get him fucked up. you dont kick a dog, you dont shit where you sleep, you dont make enemies that you cant control. did i mention that he is his own worse enemy?

  5. before i listen to it .. i’m gonna say one thing…
    it’s reallly sad how young black rapppers act towards eachother period…
    this is shameful!!!
    do you think frank sinatra was doing this with his crew!!!!

    its the reason longevity isnt even gonna an issue!!!
    they ( 50) dont respect the opportunity they’ve been allowed to have .
    life could’ve gone any way ….
    i’m sure JAM MASTER J WOULD be proud of your behavoiur 50….
    i guess it was worth him dying!!! FOR THIS!!!

  6. To be honest who cares, I don’t feel not one bit sorry for Buck. When he was flossing, flashing cars, houses etc I was taking packed lunch to work mate. He had the best opportunity to set himself up, which most of us never get a sniff at.

    What, has he never heard of a rainy day. INVESTMENT !!! Did he forget he had a family to take care of when he was buying grills and other dumb jewellery that cost the PRICE OF A HOUSE….

    Janice don’t fall for the crying/begging , it’s not sad it’s FOOLISHNESS.

    I really don’t respect 50p for putting the conversation out there, that was cold, butttttttt it seems to me like that was a lesson he needed to learn.

    50p is a shrewd business man, Young Buck is not, so he’s learnt the hard way. He needs to sell that round whizzy thing that he used to wear arond his neck. PATHETIC !!!

  7. Mmmmmm, the crying/whining.

    Their drama is too much, so I find it hard to connect with his pain.
    It’s like OnBlast says – ” you dont shit where you sleep”.

  8. he was breathing really hard…trying to fight the tears…this was really sad.


    Yea right!!

  9. DAMN HAVING LISTENED TO THAT I FELT ashamed at fifty ..
    your boys apologising and thats what you go and do damn!!!!
    maybe its a marketinbg ploy to make people have an opinion on their problems…!!
    but whatever it is ..
    its below the belt!!!

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