Murderers/pair of low life losers: Mohammed Noor and Abdi Sannoh

Two men have been sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey for murdering a 15-year-old boy as he slept at his south-east London home.

Mohammed Sannoh, 19, from Peckham, and Abdi Omar Noor, 22, from Camberwell, burst into Michael Dosunmu’s room in Peckham and shot him in February 2007.

Michael, who was mistaken for his older brother Hakeem, was shot four times with a MAC-10 machine pistol.

Sannoh and Noor were each sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Victim: Michael Dosunmu

The trial had heard the men had wanted to kill Hakeem in revenge for a murder.

It was his links to a robbery gang and the murder of one of their members that led the gunmen to the family home.  

Former soldier Hakeem, who fell into a life of crime after serving in Iraq, was at a club dealing drugs when his church-going brother was killed.

Michael’s devout Christian family said they were standing by Hakeem, while his mother, Shakira, said she bore no grudges against the gunmen. Continue Reading… 

Hakeem brought nothing but death and destruction to his family’s door. All because he wanted to play Peckham’s latest gangsta. I wonder how he sleeps at night….. 

And as for Michael’s murderers – rot in prison you worthless pieces of scum!

Rest In Peace Michael Dosunmu.


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  1. take note# this is what happens when you actually listen and try to live the lifestyle of the gangster rap scene. dont yall know that by now that all of these fake ass gangster rappers is full of shit? that is unless someone had they souls in a jar and sacraficed a couple of dumbass street level thugs ( and i mean thug in the literal sense of the word meaning PEON ) to exact their revenge of some bullshit tribal kiddie warfare.
    secondly, what the hell is a dude with a family doing murdering someone? by that i mean to say is that if you are gonna do some gangster ass shit you dont think you cant be touched? regaurdless if you were in the shit in the middle east or not. you gotta have nothing to loose to pull off that shit wheather you sneak and kill someone on the sly by unconventional means or overt tactics that implicate you. DUMBASSES

  2. Good, I’m glad they got this hefty sentence. I bet they don’t feel like gangstas now. Let them rot. The sad thing is this won’t be a deterent to others.

    Everyone is on the debate about gun crime/stabbing etc trying to get a resolve. The only ones that are not interested are the perpertrators themselves. You only have to hear a group of kids talking shit to know that the are lost and beyond help.

    It’s comical when you here the politicians/police trying to come up with new ways to tackle gun crime/stabbing etc. I’m not mocking them cos what do they know, I’m just saying WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY START !!!

    Latest good news is that they are thinking of bringing in tougher prison terms and shackling prisoners as they do in the US. Right now I’m up for anything to deal with these youts. Very depressing.

    RIP Michael Dosunmu and peace to the family.

  3. What is going on in our communities??? Why does it seem that black communities succumb to this nonsense?? I live in Detroit, MI and I read about htis mess weekly. I have been in Quebec for 4 1/2 months on business and read about the same things in the black communities here. I check out this site and read about the same things happening in the U.K. in the black communities there. When are we going to learn to stop blaming others for our problems and look into SELF. I recently read an article that certain Canadian provinces are refusing to host rap concerts due to the violence that prevails after (and during) the shows. Canada isn’t as “black friendly” as it once was. I am tired of going places and hearing that I don’t act “so black”(even with my shoulder length Locs,my african jewelry, my melanin.. what is acting black anyway?). They expect all of us to eka teka mika everything and portray the images induced by some hip hop. “sigh” I know I am rambling/ranting. I am just so vexed and fed up. WE NEED TO STOP THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!
    I am going to say rest in peace to Michael and his two assailants. I am not defending them, but they lost their lives when they took one.

    Peace and Blessing to the families as well.

  4. My Hope is that Micheal’s spirit is living on in heaven, and that his blood will cry out to his brother and be a reason to change his life to impact others in his circles and what not,..

    It’s a real shame, but good can come from this!

  5. My son was murder on 12-27-05. Shot 4 times at the age 22. This is one of several poems he wrote. I hope that this can help a family.

    Life is something we should appreciate and adore
    because there comes a time in life our services are
    not needed anymore.

    A time in life when we are the next step closer,
    and if you have done what He asked, the struggle is over.

    A time when one passes from this world to another–
    a time when we lose a family member, friend or lover.
    This has been happening long before our existence,
    but some think it’s a joke until they are convinced.

    A time in life that we rejoice and have sorrow, so we
    must change our wicked ways,
    because that time can come tomorrow.

    To have one pass away can leave you emotionally scarred,
    but you must maintain your composure and keep
    your faith in God.

    So we must stop the hate and seek forgiveness for our sins,
    because whether you know it or not,
    death is what we must face in the end.


  6. Latest laws are allowing certain cases to be quashed as anonymous witness testiments may no longer be seen as enough…….Why? The defendants human rights. When did people like this deserve to have such rights…

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