Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication is a new music cd and workbook which has been created to help children with mathamatics. It is now available to purchase from Smart Shorties.

The full track listing on Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication includes:

1. 1s Always The Same (inspired by Akon’s “I Wanna Love You”)

2. Me and 2s (inspired by Cassie’s “Me and U”)

3. Crank Them 3s (inspired by Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”)

4. Throw Some 4s On It (inspired by Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s”)

5. 5s This Is Why I’m Smart (inspired by Mims’ “This Is Why I’m Hot”)

6. 6s Math Facts Teacher (inspired by T-Pain’s “Bartender”)

7. 7s Ballin’ (inspired by Jim Jones’ “We Fly High”)

8. 8s I Know You Know It (inspired by Yung Joc’s “I Know You See It”)

9. The 9s Trick (inspired by Jibbs “Chain Hang Low”)

10. 10s Work It Out (inspired by DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”)

11. 11s Double Double (inspired by Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss”)

12. 12s Tell Me What You Know (inspired by E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go”)

13. 0s Clear It Out (inspired by Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”)


(ROLLING EYES…) Does Hip Hop really need to be incorporated in to everything??? And look at the tracks that the creators of this CD used as ‘inspiration’… I don’t whether to laugh or cry……

However I can understand why they included my Jim Jim’s ‘Ballin’ on the CD. The man is a true inspiration and loves the kids….

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. I think it’s a great idea, actually.

    @ least it helps these youngins remember these mathematical facts. Repetition is key, and since they are already familiar w/most of these songs, it does help a lot.

    Besides, anytime Hip Hop can be used in a positive way, that’s always a good thing, no?

  2. throw some 4’s on it is KILLING me right now, lmao but i’d buy it, my kids remember the words to them silly songs like it ain’t nothing, so if taking them silly songs, and throwing some 4’s on it gon help them to learn, and actually like it, yeah i’d buy it, lmao just to here throw some 4’s on it……

  3. @miss mad news, i think it will, and bring the parents some comic relief, i am still tripping offa throw some 4’s on it…..lmao

  4. I second your “Rolling Eyes.” I’m all for using hip-hop as a tool to educate the youth, but I wish they hadn’t based it on such pitiful examples of hip-hop songs. But then again, these songs are what kids hear on the radio, so maybe the familiarity aspect is what counts.

  5. of all the shitty ringtone tunes and sickly sugary american rap recently this is all its good for.

    im sayin if its good for ringtones films and video games etc surely this is ok. it cant be degraded anymore than already has been. i think this at least could be usefull, even if it is for 6 yr old kids lol.

  6. im a smart shortie im on the 7s and the 12s and this did help me n ma classmates learn but that was a few years back and now im a freshman and i still catch ma self hummin some of dose songs but we now have a movie in the making being shot n newyork we leave aug 1.

  7. i saw this post while looking for an image of the cd cover. i teach 4th grade and the kids LOVED this cd! it really helped to motivate them to learn their multiplication. it was my top choice because the other cd’s were corny, whereas this was a remake of songs they were already familiar with. anytime that we are doing work, they beg me to put the cd on! it works! when i hear the regular songs on the radio, i start singing the smart shortie lyrics! thank you smart shorties!!!

  8. There are so many children songs out there, but this is the most innovative and creative one yet. We need more cultural motivated positive songs for the young intuitive minds like this one. Instead of the standard traditional ones all the time. I worked with children. I remembered one little boy age 4 when I put on songs for his ear( traditional children songs) he said miss that is for babies. Do you have songs like it is hot in here? lol I said NO. However, I wish more artist will do the same as spark the mind. wE NEED MORE.

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