Josef F

Police said Josef F admitted sexually abusing his daughter repeatedly
This poor excuse for a human being deserves to burn!

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  1. I find these news items so disturbing. The time and energy this man took to do such horrific acts to his own Daughter, he should have been having his own adult life. Psychologically, I’ll assume he had a warped/schizophrenic outlook on “letting her go”. Maybe his wife died or he killed her and out of remorse he felt he had to “keep” the Daughter in such a perverted fashion as to continue his narcissistic (sp? – sorry I am angered and can’t spell right this minute) behavior. This makes for a very interesting story, but unfortunately at the fate of a young lady one year younger than myself.

  2. His wife/her mother is alive and well. She lived in the house, but apparently didn’t know her daughter/ 3 grandchildren were living in the cellar… if you can believe that… which I don’t!

  3. Can you imagine !!! Very odd, evil and disturbing story.

    The man must have done juju on the wife, if she didn’t suspect anything.

    …firstly for making the wife believe that the daughter ran off at 14 and wrote a note to say, ” don’t contact me i’m never coming back”….

    ….secondly for making his wife believe that the three children that the daughter had by him, were left on the door step….. KIDS LEFT ON THE DOOR STEP AND THEY JUST TOOK THEM IN !!!

    Oh come on since 1984, she must have suspected something !!!!

    This story is just too sad….

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