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Ashanti with mum and sister – YAWN!!!

Solange – YAWN!!!!

Flavor Flav – YAWN!!!!

I purchase Sister 2 Sister Maazine every month because it’s a major source of entertainment for me. The magazine features in-depth interviews with some of the biggest stars within the world of black entertainment, but that isn’t the only reason why I make a point of checking it out each month.

No! Its founder/editor-in-chief/journalist Jamie Foster Brown who provides the biggest source of entertainment.

The constant fawning over the celebrities she interviews and features in her magazine is both hilarious and stomach churning. 

Classic Jamie lines: “oh you’re so great”, “I love you”, “you’re so talented”, ‘how’s your mother, brother, sister, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, lawyer, doctor, gynecologist, lover? please send them my love’, ‘you’re fantastic’, ‘you’re truly blessed’, ‘you’re so amazing’, ‘you’re such a good person’, ‘you’re so beautiful’, you’re an inspiration, ‘everyone loves you’ – and it just goes on and on and on… 

Jamie a long with her team have succeeded in taking arse kissing to a whole new level. Some one should create a special award for them.

Anyway even though I find the likes of Solange, Ashanti and Flavor Flav duller than dish water, I know that Jamie will not let me down when it comes to the gushing and fawning, with her tongue firmly stuck in between their cheeks. 

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