Last week I posted the movie trailer of Jim Jones’ new film ‘Who’s Deal?’, which also stars Elise Neal.

Within hours of me posting it, the trailer could be seen on other black entertainment news sites all over the Internet and was then universally panned for being the longest running trailer ever made and noted for it’s bad editing, bad sound, the appauling performances from the actors featured, signalling out Elise Neal in particular, and the typo in the film’s title – ‘Who’s Deal?’ should in fact read as ‘Whose Deal?’

Word must have got back to the individuals responsible for the making of this straight to DVD low budget mess, because the ‘official’ release date has now been pushed back to August and the production company’s cheaply designed website, Select Media Los Angeles, has disappeared…..

It kills me to have to say this (sorry Jim Jim….. 😦 , but this film doesn’t even look worthy enough to go straight to DVD, and in the words of my good friend Nessa, ‘should be burned’……

However Jim still proved to us all that he has what it takes to become a great actor 🙂


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  1. lol

    i did have my suspicions looking at the cover that, the film was way, way, low budget, looked like them 99p dvds u see in aldi.

    but hey, might be a good film, im gonna try watch it still.

  2. a major blow …..
    i bet it is !!! jamnice !!!!
    i bet!!!!
    this man is garbage… you need a real man !!!!!!!!!! like don imus now thats a REAL MAN!!!!

  3. Pushed back or cancelled completely. They just need to see sense and save their careers while they still can.

    What is Elise Neal doing – lol !!!

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