“Probably the wildest is, lately, girls are putting H2O in their bodies and then having it shoot out like waterfalls. And it wasn’t just a little bit. You had to step back because the water was shooting everywhere. They’re very talented. Unk, Baby-D, Berg and I in St. Louis in this penthouse. The whole Koch crew was in that mug. They rented out this room for us and just brought the girls in. I directed that. I was like, “Yo, we gotta do something different. Why don’t ya’ll take this gallon of water and pour it inside of you and let that sh*t shoot out.” She was like, “Okay.” She sucked her stomach in a little bit and just pushed it out. It damn near got on my pants. I was 10 feet away.”

(Ray-J talks to Rhapsody.com about his wildest experience while on tour)

What is it with this preacher’s son? I remember when Ray-J was running behind his famous big sister (Brandy). Now he think’s he’s a big stud because of that dry sex tape he filmed with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian,  and his sexual exploits with Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans.

And I cannot believe that those young women agreed to partake in such depravity. Putting H20 in their bodies and shooting it out like waterfalls….WHY????????

You know what? It’s a shame that they didn’t shoot out enough water to drown that little loser scum bag pervert and his cronies!! 

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  1. wait WHAAAT??? why do females do stuff like that to themselves? i’m flabbergasted! lol and wondering if that is physically possible..lmao

  2. man, lmmfao i read this shit yesterday on another blog and was like what kinda shit is that??????? how you just pour water in that sucka and hold it in????? then splash the shit out when told to do so, like a pregnanat woman and her water breaking not sexy @ all

  3. I actually tot, they were drinkin it [a la Triple H]. Wow, desparate times, call 4 desparate measures. Oh well, @ least sm1’s phone bill got paid.

  4. No, I don’t read this as them actually drinking it…

    More so directly putting the water into their vagina (like a douche) and squirting like wanna-be Jada Fires.

    Either way, that’s rather perverted.

    I like a squirter just like the next one, but damn, Ray J!

  5. Unfortunately people will do anything for money.
    Some females today only see green, whatever it takes to get it, they’re up to it.
    There was a time when shame and self respect ment something. Here to the good old day.

  6. Yes…but the more important question is can she do that with hot liquids…CHALLUNGE!!!

    i’m only kidding ya’ll.

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