R.Kelly will sing about anything these days. Now he’s singing about having an ellicit affair with the woman who braids his hair.

I often wonder how Robert’s wife (secret wife up until 2002 when the proverbial hit the fan!) has managed to cope all these years. Robert is one very dirty beast….

Anyway your thoughts please…..

R.Kelly – ‘Hairbraider’


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  1. you know i heard a song today whilst in the car called ( i’m a maker a corner run) or a store run .. or something!!!
    janice its a bout a man running out of condoms aand having to keep the girl ( or may his man you never know round here) on ice whilst running out to the corner store… to buy some..!!!!
    chicken and watermelon comes to mind!!!!!!
    its will probably br big in the uk also !!!
    we really runnning out of shit to say !!!!

  2. what’s the prob with peple,when you sing a song that’s different from what people’re used to hearing some of them wont appreciate it & start runnin’ they mouth.why dont you give kells a chance.all y’all know that kells’ mighty talented.singers like other writters imagine the scenarios that can happen in our day to day lives,some of us identify with sum of the sht that these guys sing about.

  3. Kellz is goin’ tru a ratha elaborate mid-life crisis. 1st he startd growin’ his hair, then he startd gettin clumsy [those tapes], then he decided 2 bcom a teenager. 2b sincere, d dude can sing [even if it was bout watchin’ paint dry, yes he’s that gd], but he has sm serious issues. Gosh, that chic & I were pratically d same age when those tapes were made…….. **thinks** bloody hell, she’s only a yr older.

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