This track is receiving heavy rotation on MTV Base, at number 3 on the Base chart, and is labelled as being one of the biggest tracks out now.

‘Heartbroken’ is a catchy track. It takes me back to 1999/2000 when Garage Music was at it’s peak and people were flying out to Ayia Napa in their droves, eager to get their grooves on.

The video: I like it, its simple, it wasn’t filmed on a council estate and you can see they invested a few pounds into the project. 

Oh and of course no UK black music video would be complete with out the incredibly light skinned/Causcian love interest, or in this particular case the  “other woman”. 

This seems to be the current trend here…. if you’re a dark skinned model/actress, with 100% African features and beautiful,  then don’t bother auditioning for roles as the love interest/leading lady in UK black music videos. There’s no point. They don’t want you! Your nose is a tad bit wide, your lips are too big – Your face doesn’t fit.

But for the background scenary… you’ll do!

Take yourselves off to the US where video directors and artists actually seem to appreciate the many different shades/features of the black woman!

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  1. Not to put a dampner on things….
    This video was filmed on a council estate in Harehills in Leeds…..
    There is a Hair Salon called Unique Touch Hair Studio…..and if you look on google maps @ postcode LS8 4EJ down the street on the left hand side away from the Law Centre and the A58….Sorry to disappoint the original poster “The video: I like it, its simple, it wasn’t filmed on a council estate and you can see they invested a few pounds into the project.”

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