So from this latest leaked clip, it sounds as if Raz-B and his fellow band mates are ‘discussing’ the fall out from the sexual abuse allegations Raz made just before Christmas…..

Now Raz B’s throwing around the words HIV/AIDS, nigga, raising his voice and acting gangsta (rolling eyes).

Is he for real???

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  1. Nees, from what I could gather the ‘angry’ cute looking one is not happy that Raz went ahead and revealed the molestation allegations… and in doing so, did it unprofessionally and as the guy said made himself look illiterate and eventually messed up the whole thing and made them a laughing stock –

    Thats all i could gather in between the ‘my nigga’ comments – Oh dear…….

  2. Thanks Agnes. lol @ the cute angry one, I must say he did grown up to be a handsome young man.

    This whole thing stinks of a publicity stunt, not even a month into the molestation allegations and a reality show is airing, hmmmm.

  3. what’s with the sound effects? is this a dramatic film?! oh……coming soon. lololol.

    They make me sick, abuse is not a game.

  4. I do believe wat raz b stated is true. And only reason why the ‘N’ word stood out to everyone is because not alot of ppl could B2K using it and the whole thing about black americans saying it. And I say Yayy to the show because I AM a B2K fan and I wish Life after B2K would have came out sooner. Omarion and Chris Stokes and the Whole TUG camp is living lovely while the boys are on there grind to make money. They are Platinum saling artist aint no way they are suppose to be broke. Only thing i hope was Omarion would join the 3.

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