West Winds: Recipes, History and Tales from Jamaica

West Winds: Recipes, History and Tales from Jamaica is the joyous debut cookbook from award-winning food writer Riaz Phillips. The first in a series of books exploring Caribbean cultureWest Winds celebrates the sensational flavours of Jamaican cuisine from a refreshing new perspective. Riaz tells the countless tales of Jamaica through its dishes, drawing on memories of growing up in the Caribbean diaspora of London, and time spent living in Jamaica. Combining over 100 delicious recipes with captivating essays on Jamaican food cultureWest Winds is so much more than a cookbook. It is an ode to Jamaica and the diaspora, the people and their food.  

With beautiful on-location travel photography that immerses you in the energy, spirit and food of Jamaica, West Winds is a cookbook to savour reading. It champions everything Jamaican cooking has to offer, from vibrant vegan cuisine and Ital food Riaz was introduced to by the Rastafari community whilst living in Jamaica, to nose-to-tail eating and the “waste not, want not” approach instilled in Riaz by his grandmother.  

There are no ‘recipes’ in the Caribbean in the traditional western sense, instead dishes may be passed from generation to generation, along with folk laws, short stories, songs and anecdotes. Riaz roots his recipes in centuries of history and culture, illuminating the stories behind ingredients and dishes, and the global culinary influences – stretching from West Africa and Latin America to Asia and Europe – which make Jamaican food culture so unique.  

Delving into decades of Caribbean nostalgia, Riaz introduces his takes on over 100 mouth-watering dishes and must-try meals, from home-cooked classics, popular takeaway bites and irresistible street food snacks, to hearty soups, healthy salads, delicious breads and bakes, zingy preserves, sauces and pickles, and refreshing drinks. Fill your plate with the flavours of Goat Curry, Oxtail and Butter Beans, Steamed Fish and Okra, Jackfruit Stew, Jerk Chicken, Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Coconut Curry, Red Pea Soup and Fish Tea, comforting bakes like Plantain Tarts and Spiced Carrot Cake, flavour-spiked condiments and preserves from Scotch Bonnet Ketchup to Mango and Pineapple Chilli Jam, and refreshing drinks like Fermented Ginger Beer and Watermelon, Beetroot & Ginger juice 

Available to purchase on June 2

Pre-order HERE.

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