Coming 2 America (Review)

When the rumours started to circulate that there was a Coming to America sequel in the works, I hoped it wasn’t true. For me personally, the original is a classic that did not need to be revisited decades later. But Eddie didn’t listen and here we are now.

Coming 2 America, was released a day earlier than scheduled on Amazon Prime (March 5). The sequel looks and feels totally different from the original, which was to be expected. The first film, focused on Prince Akeem and his old friend/personal assistant Semmi’s escapades in the Borough of Queens, New York, while they searched for Akeem’s future wife. It was also geared towards a slightly older audience.

In this film, we get to spend a lot more time in the fictional world of Zamunda and learn that Akeem is still happily married to
Lisa (Shari Headley) and they have three daughters, whom he has trained exceptionally well in the art of combat. However, there is one problem. Akeem needs a male heir. But luckily, before his demanding father King Jaffe Joffer passes away, the ailing King reveals that Akeem does have a son. During Akeem’s last visit to New York (30 years ago), a woman called Mary Junson (Leslie Jones) drugged and then took advantage of him (pre #metoo). Akeem has no recollection of this encounter, but decides to return to America to find his son. The future of Zamunda depends on him finding his male heir.

Seeing the return of old faces, brought a smile to my face. (Sadly, Madge Sinclair who played Queen Aoleon died in 1995).

The fast food cubic zirconia version of McDonald’s, McDowell’s, making it to Zamunda made me laugh out loud. Mr McDowell (John Amos) has also aged well.

General Izzi (Wesley Snipes) was a stand out for me. He cracked me up. That character deserved more screen time.

I don’t understand why actor/singer Rotimi was cast in a role. He added nothing to the film. Teyana Taylor’s role as General Izzi’s daughter failed to leave a lasting impression. The appearance of rapper Rick Ross raised an eyebrow at first, but made sense. The majority of the film was filmed on his estate located on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Coming 2 America is a fun caper. It was never going to be on par with the original. How could it be? But it is still entertaining and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Please, less new era over dissection of this film. Its not that serious.

On another note! I still cannot believe they found and brought back the rapping twins.

Coming 2 America (2021) and Coming to America (1988) are both available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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