Clubhouse Hires Software Developer Mopewa Ogundipe To Develop Android Version Of App

Here is some great news for Android users, who have been left standing outside of the club in the freezing cold, begging to be let in. But the bouncers keep coming back with, “your name’s not down, you ain’t coming in!”

It’s been announced, that Clubhouse has hired Android software developer Mopewa Ogundipe to develop a version of its app for the mobile operating system created by Google.

The app launched in May 2020 (only available to iPhone users) and has since become a huge success, thanks to African American celebrities (e.g. Joe Budden, a bunch of other hip hop figures, Kevin Hart) and Black British “influencers” (e.g Chakabars).

On Clubhouse, users can gather in audio-only virtual rooms, where they can discuss various topics. Or, they can opt to confront and expose famous faces.

On Monday, Ogundipe tweeted: “Today was my first day at @joinClubhouse. If you know me, you probably know I have *opinions* about iOS-only apps so I’m very excited to be joining the team to bring the party to Android.”

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  1. Finally!!! yay, Clubhouse!

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    Writer/ Producer
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