Meet Joanne Blake: Founder and Inventor Of Swimscarf

In May 2017, I came across the product/company Swimscarf founded by British businesswoman Joanne Blake. I then posted news about Swimscarf on this website (Click Here) and also on my Instagram page.

The Swimscarf is a self-tying swimming cap that has adjustable cords and a lock at the back, providing extra hold and protection by pulling the ties together. The Swimscarf is double layered at the front and fits all adult head sizes. It is perfect for all hair lengths and hair types and it is suitable for dreadlocks, afro, kinky, braids, weaves and long hair.

The Swimscarf is also specially designed to accommodate hair with volume.

NOTE: Joanne registered Swimscarf in 2015 and officially launched the brand in 2017. 

Fast forward to March 2020….

A fellow “businesswoman” appeared on Channel 5 News and ITV News last week, claiming she is the first to discover this exact style of product for afro hair. This woman was aware of Swimscarf’s existance beforehand, but is still peddling the exact same creation (copycat brand launched in 2019) as her own on major media platforms, without an ounce of shame. She has even gone as far as making up a backstory on why she decided to create this product, which sounds somewhat similar to Joanne’s backstory in parts.

Blatant THEFT! So disappointing.

Please visit and support Swimscarf

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